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Posted by Barbara Kermode-Scott on 02/07/2017   Email

Hi again. I asked about a Walter Tempest Scott in 2012 and did receive one kind reply. He died in 1980 in the grounds of Pool Park. He was a patient I believe. I've found another living relative and so am going to ask again if anyone should recall him. He was likely a gentle man who enjoyed gardening, tall and slim. May have had a curly moustache..

Posted by Lorna Byrne on 25/06/2017   Email

Hi everyone I wanted to know if anyone knew my Auntie Bronwyn Ellis she was married to Howell Ellis who passed away in 2016. She worked at the Hospital as a secretary to the Doctors. She has recently had to move from Denbigh to be close to her daughter Lynne, and is finding it difficult to settle after so many years in Denbigh. She worked at the Denbigh Psychiatric Hospital. It would be lovely if I could give her some messages of encouragement. Also on a completely separate note a very close friend of mine's cousin worked there. His name was Ron Browne, and I also wondered if anyone remembered him I was trying to correlate the dates to see if they worked together. Anyway many thanks for your help. Lorna Byrne

Posted by Martin Thomas on 03/03/2017   Email

I am Heritage lead for ABMU Health Board in South Wales. I am embarking on a recording and sharing heritage project for Cefn Coed Mental Health Hospital which is in the process of being decommissioned. Please get in touch with me if you have any information that me help or would lik eto get involved. Best Regards Martin

Posted by Heather Bell on 01/03/2017   Email

I am currently studying at The University of Salford, i study photography and have took a large interest in this place. Does anyone know of anyone that is still alive and either worked or went there? And would be willing to answer a couple of questions for my project? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Darren Clawson on 18/01/2017   Email

i undertook my general nurse training and did a placement at St Johns Hospital in Lincoln. This was just like The North Wales Hospital . Obviously St Johns closed and fell to a terrible state . However it is now being developed as housing and at least it has been saved from further decline. I remember during my placement at St Johns what a sense of family the place had about it and how everyone knew each other. When I have read the history about the North Wales hospital what an incredible place it must have been . I really hope someone will rescue the place and save it from further decline. As they have St Johns Hospital . I know treatment and care is always developing and improving but at the time when these institutions were operating they provided care to others that we must never forget .

Posted by john myddleton on 18/08/2016   Email

i read your article i am from denbigh i now live in houston tx. my father george myddleton worked in the hospital as a barber his nick name was tich myddleton. also my unckle len davis the postmans wife bessie davis worked most of her life at the hospital as a nurse and my mother was a nurse at llangwafan hospital for many years.

Posted by gwynfor roberts on 24/04/2016   Email

precious times. wonderful memories

Posted by Blanche Beale on 06/04/2016   Email

Can you please show me pictures of nursing students for years 1956-59. I am looking for Jim Nugent d.o.b.11/11/1924 Dublin, my husband for 20 years, passed away January 2010.

Posted by John McSorley on 06/03/2016   Email

Any one remember Dave McSorley patient from about 1957 until 1971

Posted by Tadeusz Borejko on 12/02/2016   Email

I was a volunteer for 3 weeks during a work camp in 1974. I remember Emrys Roberts, a charming idealistic person. I also corresponded later on with Margit, Klaus and Birgitte. Greetings to anyone who remembers us. Ted Borejko (from Nottingham)

Posted by Heather on 12/02/2016   Email

Hello, I'm Heather. I am hoping to find and get in touch with Nerys Owen, who I understand was the director of Nursing for Gwynedd in 1997, and I believe would have just retired in the past few years. I'd really like to talk with her about an event she attended in 1997, and so I would appreciate any help in getting in touch. Many thanks, Heather

Posted by Rona on 06/12/2015

for Margo Farris (nee Williams) I stumbled across this site & think you are the Margo I remember? I was a patient at Gwynfryn in 1976 for 5 months when I was 15. I have very fond memories of you Margo who, I think, was a student nurse at that time. You were so kind to me during my deep depression & I wasn't always kind to you. I remember some of the other kind people - Myfannwy, Viv, Clwyd, & others who's names have slipped from me. If you remember me, be pleased to know I got through the depression & got on with my life, became a mental health OT after many other 'careers' & got married this year (aged 55 - it's never too late!). I used to go down to do voluntary work every day to one of the elderly women's wards in the main hospital, & loved it. I remember some of the patients (amazing characters!) & staff there, & going for walks in the grounds. Do put a message on if you see this, & it would be lovely to get in touch if you'd like to.

Posted by Lynda Gripton on 02/12/2015   Email

I would like to get in touch with a Maggie Clark. Was I think a senior nurse in her latter years.She is now retired as I am.

Posted by Donna on 12/07/2015   Email

Does anybody know of a George Rennie or maybe he was/is a member of your family?? Im unsure as to whether he was a patient or worker in the Denbigh hospital, any information to my email address would be great, thank you

Posted by Dafydd Jones on 20/04/2015

Hi Malcolm, nice to hear from you. We have a very active page on facebook 'North Wales Hospital Reunion Group' with over 200 members - you'll be quite welcome to join us and you would also be able to post photos you might have of the hospital.Thank you for contacting us.

Posted by malcolm emmanuel on 20/04/2015   Email

just founded photo of gwylim pierce phil williams and myself in trfan prior to moving to tal y fan any body remember those days cheers

Posted by malcolm on 16/04/2015   Email

retired now where did it all go

Posted by Sharon Veness (Reid) on 09/04/2015   Email

I trained through The Clwyd North School of Nursing. Muriel Heritage was our Tutor. In your photo Gallery you have pic of my good friend Pat Beresford that was...God so hated that yellow high necked uniform. Was in first group of students to qualify out of Ysbty Glan Clwyd. Been Oz for 32yrs. Now back in UK .. Working back in NHS

Posted by kim barlow on 17/01/2015   Email

hello. i'm wondering does anyone remember my aunty who was a nurse at NWH in 1945ish.Her name was Betty Roberts (may have been Elizabeth) and was from Trefnant,she later married and move down south.(She was mt fathers sister,his name was Arnold)also i have it in my head her sister Ilagh also worked there i would think round the same time although i may just be getting my childhood stories mixed up.thankyou for taking time to read this. Kim Barlow nee Roberts

Posted by steve lansdell on 09/07/2014   Email

just to let everyone that the steve callender has passed away in canada

Posted by adrian warburton on 09/03/2014   Email

Kieth passed away on 24 february 2014 not 24 3 2014 as shown in my previous e mail

Posted by adrian warburton on 06/03/2014   Email

The last posting seen below is correct however my brother,s full name is kieth lloyd warburton Passed away on 24 0314

Posted by Roger Hadwin on 02/03/2014   Email

Daily Post yesterday - Keith Warbuton passed away on 24/02/14 aged 78

Posted by ken c.w. parry on 11/02/2014

hi in the 1980s I was a patient in the hospital, three times 1884 was my first time in the hospital, the wards where chosen from districts where the patients areas from where they came from, I was put in Rhyl areas ward, I was on my second time put into the area from clywd west, in 1989 I went to east clwyd area the pendulum group was opened in pwll glass resourse by stephane baker & diane jones, it was for self help group for manic deperession suffers, both myself and Beverly group leaders where involved with M.D.F. Wales, run from cealeon south wales, myself allwales committee member Beverly M.D.F. chairperson. I went on a training for work disability collage Queen Elizabeth Colleage for the disabled woodwork section. in leatherhead surrey England, and two years later I joined social services in clwyd 1997 and in 2010 retired with bad health then a support worker for Adult Social Care worked in Drug & alchohol, and Mental Health Flintshire. I would like to hear how and what state the

Posted by mike on 06/02/2014

i see no patients from Avallon, the adolescent unit have made entries from late 60' Dr D Jones still alive

Posted by mike on 06/02/2014

i see no patients from Avallon, the adolescent unit have made entries from late 60' Dr D Jones still alive

Posted by Paul McKenna on 05/01/2014   Email

Hello this is Paul McKenna I started working at NWH in 1970-1984 any one that's know that worked with me please get in touch would love to here from my old friends once again. Many thanks Paul.

Posted by Shirley O'Carroll on 15/12/2013   Email

I was a student nurse at Llandudno from 1967-1970. do you have any reunions or get togethers.

Posted by Ross on 26/09/2013

a beautiful building, sad how it is now

Posted by Samantha Taggart (nee Smith) on 16/08/2013   Email

I worked at NWH from July 1987 until its closure. Happiest days of my working life.

Posted by paul morgan on 03/06/2013   Email

hello,i am looking to trace a friend of mine called hayden jones.its been over 10 years since we last met.e originally met on holidays in thailand and id love to make contact again.he lives not too far from conwy(i lost all contact details unfortuneately).thank you..Paul

Posted by martin luther on 02/05/2013   Email

does anyone remember Bill Luther 1940_1960ish, or Frederick Luther 1970ish?

Posted by john barnett on 22/04/2013   Email

my mother was a patient in this hospital in the 1980s and i believe in bryn hyfryd.has anybody got pictures of bryn hyfryd so i can see it. thank you

Posted by Emma Glasgow on 30/03/2013   Email

Hello, I am a final year photography student and I am doing a project involving Denbigh Hospital. The information you share on here is amazing, thank you. Would love it if you were to get in touch. Kind Regards, Emma.

Posted by Sophie Wagner on 18/03/2013   Email

Dear all, I wrote to some of you already and hope to reach out to even more people. I am an anthropologist and filmmaker, working on a project about the Denbigh Hospital. My colleagues and I would love to hear your stories about this special place and your thoughts about its future. We are in Denbigh for the next couple of weeks (on and off till end of April 2013), and hope to put together a little documentary film. Please get in touch if you feel like it! We are looking forward to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. THANK YOU

Posted by stephen bishop on 08/02/2013   Email

this is a really interesting website,and its a shame the way the mental is today,i go there often to video the place and i am saddend every time i see the distruction.

Posted by ken morgan on 06/02/2013   Email

Kate I still remember you teaching me te cranial nerves, and have not forgotten them either. Ken

Posted by kevin sibbons on 06/02/2013   Email

Great reading all about not only the reunion but the memories about NWH. It does not feel that many years since I started as a cadet and then went into training. Those are all happy memories of the beginning of my working life. I

Posted by Dafydd Jones on 04/02/2013   Email

We've received a contact message from Gwyn Roberts. We would be grateful if he could contact us again and include his Email address so that we can reply to his query.

Posted by Graham Moore on 17/01/2013

I remember as a little boy in the late 1960's and early 1970's accompanying by Mother Dilys Moore to run the patient's tea-bar on Saturday afternoon's as a member of the Friends Of North Wales Hopsital. I used to clear up the crockery and chat with and be fussed over by the patients. For a very young person it was a formative and enlightening exposure to people with severe and chronic mental health needs. I am very grateful to my parents for those experiences and went on after a university psychology degree to become a registered mental health nurse in 1984.

Posted by Maire Glancy on 07/01/2013   Email

My father Dr Luke Glancy was a psychiatrist in the early fifties.we lived as a family in a hospital house.Happy times

Posted by Maire Glancy on 07/01/2013   Email

Is there anyone who remembers Dr Luke Glancy psychiatrist in the early 1950's As a family we resided in a hospital house. As a child I have very fond memories

Posted by kevin peter sibbons on 07/12/2012   Email

I found the site by luck today. It is great to see how many people still remember the hospital and keep in touch. Keep it going we have to be part of the history of Denbigh. So many people lived and worked at the hospital.

Posted by Kate Mullen on 09/11/2012   Email

Still living in the Lawnt. Memories come flooding back every time I drive past. So sad to hear of the death of Sylvia McBride. Still can't quite believe it. Is it possible to have Ken Morgan's address.

Posted by rita rich on 12/10/2012   Email

My grandfather John Hughes and his son Ernie Hughes worked at the hospital for many years and also played in the band.John Hughes lived at 3,The Castle Denbigh and had five children.I am 72 now and I remember my grandfather always working at the hospital in Denbigh so it would be well over 80 years ago.Rita Rich South Australia

Posted by patricia redshaw on 17/09/2012   Email

hi i now live in spain and doing my fathers family tree as he died due to the last war. his aunt sydna williams was a matron supt at this hospital in 1956 i have a letter from her to my mum on headed n ote paper, and wondered if anyone remmembered her, i also have a photo with her in uniform. would welcome any information. pat .

Posted by ken morgan on 11/09/2012   Email

Hi I have now moved from Scotland to Devon

Posted by Susan Vernon on 08/09/2012   Email

I am the daughter of William Eric Vernon, best known as Bill Vernon who was an inpatient several times during the 60's & 70's, he was quite a character and I used to visit him with my mom when he was an inpatient, he would always be admitted onto Male 6 (Francon Ward) which used to scare the hell out of me as a child, I am 54 yrs old now and unfortunately my dad died 20 yrs ago, he was from Gellilydan but he unfortunately lived his last 10 yrs in a psychiatric nursing home in Denbigh and his mother Enid Vernon who was also an inpatient at NWH at one time was also living nearby in a Nursing Home. Although I hated going to visit him as a child as it used to scare me but it would be a shame to demolish the hospital as it has so many memories for so many people, staff & patients/families alike.

Posted by Barb on 04/09/2012   Email

Hi, I'm undertaking family research & trying to discover if anyone remembers a Walter Tempest Scott? He passed away in the grounds of Pool Park Hospital on 12 December 1980. I presume he was a patient but he could have been staff. I'm looking for any info at all. Hopefully there are people still alive who might recall what happened. Thanks!

Posted by johnmcadam on 26/08/2012   Email

i was a patient there in 88 what happened to sister alice?and mr cook?i have fond memories of a past life and also memories of the town.your site has been poignant and evocative.thank you.

Posted by John Arthur Owen on 21/07/2012   Email

With much sadness I wish to inform you that Glyn Lloyd formerly of Bala has died on the 31 May this year. Glyn worked for many years at the North Wales Hospital and as a Mental Welfare Officer in Anglesey. I remember him as a member of the hospital band and as a good friend and mentor. He leaves his Wife Audrey and his brother Ron who lives in Cardiff. Glyn was aged 80 years. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Posted by chris on 18/07/2012

the first time i see this building was on most haunted live and i was reading about this hospital and it have a grade II listing building it should not be demolished the local council and the local people should do something.

Posted by Esmor Price on 17/07/2012   Email

Does anyone have family members who remeber Jack Mostyn Davies and his daughter Dorothy Davies who worked at the hospital many years ago. My late mothers brother, uncle Jacks wife was related to the family who owned Robert Owens shop in the main street Denbigh If anyone can help please get in touch with me, I live in the village of Mostyn Flintshire.My e mail is Thank you, Esmor Price,( Councillor)

Posted by Esmor Price on 17/07/2012   Email

My late mothers brother. Jack Mostyn Davies worked there during 1930/1047 if i can recolect. His daughter Dorothy ran the shop there also,The family are intered in Eglwys Wen Cemetery.

Posted by Frederick Gordon on 17/07/2012

Like yourselves our Local Mental Hospital The Cherry Knowle Hospital has now closed and I presume that all of the Patients and Staff have been transferred elsewhere. I being a long time brass band trombone player noe retired was vey interested in reading one your staff experiences of this work and play. All the best of the best to you all.

Posted by Jennie Williams nee lewis on 18/06/2012   Email

Hi i know my taid Edwin Lewis and my great taid George 'tom titch' Middleton both worked in the hospital (not sure of the years but my taid passed away in 1995) i'm just wondering if anyway knew anything about them or even if they've got any old photo's of them? If it helps i think my taid was a baker and my great taid was a orderly an played the drum Many thanks in advance

Posted by Dave Smith on 09/06/2012   Email

Hello - I am looking for photographs or recollections of dances likely held in the Main Hall with music by Syd Lawrence and his Orchestra. One confirmed date is Feb 12, 1971. Email address is Thank you very much.

Posted by Brian Clenton on 03/06/2012   Email

What a fantastic looking place, how can we let this place be demolished?

Posted by Kylie Jonkman on 01/06/2012   Email

Hi, I was wondering if any one could help me, I have started a recent interest and fascination with the Denbigh Mental Asylum, this may be due to I have started seeing a therapist myself. Anyways after speaking with my grandmother I found out that my great Grandfather by the name of John Williams was admitted to the Denbigh mental Hospital, she could not remember the dates so I have worked them out going on what she has told me. He died at the age 45 within the hospital and should have been admitted around 1934. If anyone knows of him, has any photos, knows any inmates who mentioned him or has any clue how I can get my hands on his records. I would extremely gratefull. I am really interested in trying to find out some more on him or indeed any more information on the hospital itself. As I work in the media and am interested in putting a project together about this. Please help and thanks for reading. Kylie

Posted by Keith Humphreys on 31/05/2012   Email

Hi i am trying to trace a family who used to live within the grounds of the hospital,the family name was Frost,and i believe one was quite a prominant figure of the staff.

Posted by steve hession on 29/05/2012   Email

Hi i have very fond memories of playing rugby in the hospital. it would be great to meet up with members of the team again. i look forward to a reunion as i missed the last one. please keep me posted

Posted by R. Rolence on 21/05/2012   Email

I am in search of my uncle Dr. Kovukal augustine Sumitran (K.a. sumitran) who worked in the Department of Psychology. could you provide his friends and collegues details if possible?

Posted by maz on 02/05/2012

this building fascinates me! absolutly devastating that they want to knock it down. surely something can be done to stop this happening! every time I go past I spend half hour just staring at it!

Posted by R Roberts on 27/04/2012   Email

This was such a pleasure to read and learn about and so many thanks to all the people who helped put this together. I hope that this beautiful part of Welsh history remains standing for future generations to enjoy. All the hard work put in to build this beautiful building and what it was built for should be preserved forever. How the treatment of Mental Health has changed, i myself, had i been born 100 years ago would have ended up being a patient, thankfully not, as it was because of places like this, the lessons learnt that has bought us to the here and now. We as people should do all we can to save this history before the beauty of it is lost forever.

Posted by Jordan- Mold on 15/04/2012

Just wanted to say how helpful this site has been.I have a great interest in history and psychiatric history in particular (probably a bit of strange passion for a 17yr old). My dad revealed to me not long ago that he had worked there in the late 80's and as we drove past today I realised what a special place it was.A beautiful building absoloutly bursting at the seams with history and stories. It's dreadful to see what a state the place is in these days, I just hope something will be done soon to save the beautiful place. It's awful to think so much history it's being left to rot and fall apart.

Posted by karen hughes on 19/03/2012   Email

I used to be s patient at the nwh the last time was 1988 I was on ceiriog ward with marian baker they treated me with upmost respect I miss the old place it did me a lot of good thank you k hughes

Posted by Clair Jones on 06/03/2012   Email

Hi i am trying to find any information about my great nana who lived at Denbigh hospital she died in 1968.I was told she had been in there for 20yrs ish.Her name was Catherine Mariah Roberts although the cemetry paperwork has her as Catherine Marian Roberts. Her second husband did visit but he cut all ties with her family and a few yrs of her being there. Found her grave today where his first wife and he is buried.It has no headstone and nothing to show anyone visits to find any information out. Thanks in adavnce

Posted by John Arthur Owen on 28/02/2012

I'll send Brian A Jones an e-mail in accordance with his request.

Posted by Ian Bell on 18/02/2012   Email

I once trained & worked at a similar establishment (now closed), in South Devon, so your site resonated with me. Good website, glad to have discovered you.

Posted by Haydn Jones on 30/01/2012   Email

Hi Dafydd & Clwyd, just to let you know the North Wales Hospital memory will never be forgotten while you have friends meeting all over the world. Just had a very special day with Dai Bri and Nova and Brian Wellington Jones in Perth on a very warm day by the sea. It seemed the memories just kept on coming as the beers flowed and the NWH rugby club seemed to be the best in Wales on and off the pitch!!! Names and places seemed to come to mind which i thought had long been forgotten and may it long continue with the support of your site. Best wishes to all Haydn

Posted by Tom Dunn on 28/01/2012   Email

my grandad was in the hospital his name was arthur davies if anyone who worked there remembers him could you contact me, from my point of view im 20 and i visit the hospital regularly dont know what it is about the place always seem to go back.

Posted by Dai Bri / Dai Cemetrey House on 28/01/2012

Just spent a good afternoon in Perth W.A. with Haydn & Mair Jones & Brian Wellinton Jones. Lots oif beer, food and stories.

Posted by Sue welsby on 16/01/2012   Email

Can anyone give me information on the farm bailiff mr bumby we think he might be related to us as my maiden name was bumby

Posted by cpl kelli pope on 12/01/2012   Email

Hi, i am a cpl serving at Fulwood Bks Preston in the RAMC and have come across some belongings of a nurse called Nerys Jones who used to work at Denbigh asylum in the 50's/60's. There is a picture of Nerys or Nerris in a group stood outside of Denbigh asylum and is dated 1959m there is also a letter of promotion to ward sister dated 1960.It would be great if we could return these items to Nerys or to a member of her family and i would be greatful if anyone who may have worked with Nerys could contact me. Regards, Kelli

Posted by joanne daniel on 08/11/2011   Email

hi it was great to see everyone and the pictures are great and i too had so many great memories i have been in brisbane for many years but never forget where i trained ect best wishes to everyone joanne

Posted by Haydn Jones on 02/11/2011   Email

Hi Dafydd, Clwyd, great to see photos of the reunion and it made me quite homesick for Denbigh and my friends locally.Im presently residing in a beautiful place called Nannup which is about two and a half hours south of Perth. Im still in contact via skype with Ian Jones,Roger Jones and recently visited Brian Wellington Jones in Perth to watch Wales in the semi finals of the world cup. I have also arranged to meet up with Dai Bri in january when he comes over so it goes to show how small the world can be. Keep up the good work with the site as its our history that makes us the persons that we are and its so good to see the people i had the pleasure to work along side over the years. Best wishes to you all Haydn

Posted by Sian Taylor on 20/10/2011   Email

I use to visit the North Wales Hospital as a child as both my parents suffered with mental illnesses. Both my parents have died now but I know how much this hospital helped my parents. Also I had a Great Auntie who spent nearly all her Life at the Hospital, she was so well looked after.

Posted by mrs v.a hines on 20/10/2011   Email

My grandfather worked as a superintendant at denbigh mental hospital. His name was John Hughes.I have a picture of him in the hospital band. He was born in 1876 and died in 1953 so he may have worked there 1920s 1930s.If anyone has any information about him or any thing to do with the band,j would love to hear from them thanks.

Posted by diana matthews on 14/09/2011   Email

had to write to thank you all for such an enjoyable time i had at the reunion lovely to meet up with friends i had not met for over 50 years everything was so well organised by you all

Posted by Michelle Jones on 12/09/2011   Email

congratulations to all involved in the reunion on sat 1oth sept, it was lovely to see all the old photos on display...hopefully now a permanent place will be found in denbigh to house this important piece of our towns history well done

Posted by Nevin Jones on 12/09/2011   Email

Just a brief note to say how much Brian Evans and myself enjoyed being part of the reunion last Saturday, even if it was brief. Many wonderful memories were triggered by being able to chat with several old friends and colleagues. Especially moving was being able to talk with Mr Patrick Thompson. Many thanks to Dafydd Lloyd Jones for arranging the Skype link up with us in Australia. Also thanks to others who participated in organising a fabulous event. We look forward to the next one. Best wishes Nevin Jones

Posted by Brian Evans on 11/09/2011   Email

Hi Dafydd, Congratulations on organising such a wonderful reunion and a big thank you from both Nevin and myself. It was a real thrill to be able to chat with old friends and colleagues that we have'nt seen for almost 40 years. Hpoefully it wont be that long before we can all catch up again. Nevin and I discussed the possibility of visiting Home next year and if so we'll let you know and maybe catch up for a beer or six. Once again Dai a big diolch yn fawr from both of us the ocassion certainly gave us the feeling of hiraeth. Warm regards Brian and Nevin

Posted by farouk.furreedan on 17/07/2011   Email

I have been very priviledged knowing and working with you all during my training and working career which i heartfully enjoyed.I have been made to feel and accepted in the community, thank you all and hopefully will meet again.

Posted by Samantha Tucker on 12/07/2011   Email

I would be so very grateful if anyone could tell me how to get in contact with Mr David Frost or Mr Robert Frost. I would like to find out a little more regarding Mr Barker who their father replaced as clerk at the hospital . I am trying to traceinfo on his 'wife' Margaret and her daughter Glady's I think these two gentleman may be able to help. Any help would be wonderful or if I could have an e-mail address so I may contact them, Thankyou Very Much Samantha

Posted by Gill Pierce(Roberts) on 09/07/2011

I enjoy reading the messages left on the guestbook. I started work in the North Wales in 1971 and moved when the hospital closed in 1995 to Glan Clwyd Hospital. I retired in 2009 - Bliss. I often think about the people I met at NWH, staff and patients - and how lucky I am to have known such inspirational individuals. I look forward to seeing many of them at the reunion in September.

Posted by simon williams on 24/06/2011   Email

to Ken Morgan, hope you read this. Your recollection of your training days was very moving. I remember with such happiness my time there. As I remember you lived with us for a while. Brenda and Mikes son and I stayed with you in Swindon when you where there. Hope you get this as would like to get in touch again

Posted by simon williams on 24/06/2011   Email

started work in 1986 but visited there prior to that because of my father and family working there. thanks for my time there

Posted by Karen Davies (Roberts) on 16/06/2011   Email

I trained and nursed at the hospital from 1976 to 1983/84. Being Denbigh born and bred The hospital holds many memories for both myself and my family I remember going to the kids parties in the hall at a young age along with my brother David and my cousins Sue and Peter Mallon. The NWH was the work place of quite a few of my family going back many years my nain(Jane Roberts) was an assistant nurse.My father Billy along with my brother David were painters, my uncle John Mallon worked in the kitchen , my uncle Rob (Bob Henllan)was an Electrician and also had the best tenor voice in the hospital choir, my aunty Eirwen (Mallon) was a nurse as were my cousins lorraine and gillian(Roberts)my aunty Irene also worked there as a domestic .I remember my first day out of pts I walked very tentivly through the door of Moelwyn (opposite pharmacy )shakin like a leaf, once inside I thought ok so far so good, that was until the next min door locked behind me there was a female patient running full

Posted by david morris on 08/06/2011   Email

So good to see that so many recognisable names are still contributing to the web site,and glad to see that the web site is alive and well. David

Posted by Robin Holden on 26/05/2011

Was just reading some of the archive guestbook comments regarding Norman Hughes. yes he did have a controversial style of teaching though it must have been effective as I can still recall verbatim how to descried a sterile trolley technique. "this is a sterile technique and as so the top shelf, surrounding rail and half way down the uprights should be cleaned with a hard surface disinfectant such as Hibitane". not that many hospital acquired infections in those days if my memory serves me right!!

Posted by nick tonge on 07/05/2011   Email

are there an old photos of clwyd ward...i used to work there with ron and sister dorothy...

Posted by Tony Laugh & Lynda on 01/05/2011   Email

To Keith Warburton and all who know me. Remember those football times when you needed to cope with all our annoyance and no towels etc. Do you remember that epic day in Snowdonia when we played football in attrocious weather and you supplied that wondereful snort of whiskey when there was only cold water to bathe in!!! Keith, i still remember that day, thanks very much, Tony.

Posted by Michelle Jones on 09/04/2011   Email

i worked in nwh catering dept for 11 years from 25.10.85 and was transferred to glan clwyd hospital in 1996. worked with great characters like dai ego, eric llansannan, john wynne ,clinton roger bartley to name a few,i am so looking forward to the reunion and will dig out my photos of the catering nights out in the treferion, which where many : )

Posted by Dai Bri, Dei Cemetery House on 27/03/2011

Hi Jacky, tried to e-mail you but it bounced back, have asked the webmaster to forward you my e-mail address.

Posted by Jacky Bond on 26/03/2011   Email

Hello Dai, Cemetery House - I hope you still read the posts on here. I saw your early posts from 2008 and thought I'd try to make contact as I'm not sure if I still have your Scottish address. I'm sure Dad, Jack Roberts, would be surprised to know you are a Grandad, especially as he became a Gramps for the 2nd time in Jan 2006, a few days before his 87th birthday (My brother and his Russian wife had a baby girl when he was 53. Bye bye early retirement!!) I am "Granny Strawberry" to Jasmine (JRR like her Gramps)4 in June and Edward 2 in a month. Dad would have been besotted with them. J has golden hair and E has bright RED hair, both gorgeous. Hope all is well with your family. I had a spinal blood clot when clearing Dad's house, C3/C4 and was completely Tetraplegic to start with, but some movement has returned. I can't stand but have an electric wheelchair. Best wishes, Jacky

Posted by JACKY on 26/03/2011   Email

My father, Jack Roberts, worked at the hospital for many years from 1946 until he retired. First he did all his mental nurse training and then he was asked to set up the first Sports and Recreation Department in the country. He was a very keen sportsman, enjoying football, tennis, badminton etc. and was also well known as a gardener, winning many trophies at the Denbigh Town Flower Show. He died very suddenly on 1-9-2006 and as I hadn't lived in Denbigh since 1959, I didn't really know who to contact. I would love to hear from anyone who knew my Dad as I am not able to return to Denbigh. I was clearing his house when I became paralysed from the neck down. I miss my visits to Denbigh very much so please email me.

Posted by Chrisitan on 11/03/2011

I love this website its helping with my report for class im looking for info and cool pictures!!!

Posted by Bob Neale on 10/03/2011   Email

Hav,nt been on the sight for a long time but always good to revisit all those great memories.Looking forward to the reunion in Sept.

Posted by Polly Snape on 01/03/2011   Email

I'm currently working with pupils from 3 local schools to write a new book about the hospital for children. We are holding our own home-made exhibition (including original artefacts from the hospital) at the Town Hall on 10th March from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. if you would like to see the children's work. We are also going to be devising and performing a play based on the research. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any stories or photographs that you could share with the children for their new book. Thank you!

Posted by Amanda Giblin on 24/02/2011   Email

This site is helping my 8yr old with the history of the hospital.

Posted by B.A.Jones on 22/02/2011   Email

I would like to get in touch with John Arthur Owen

Posted by ken Morgan on 18/02/2011   Email

Hi Great to see the web site back, and good to hear about the eunion, have booked the date will be good to return to Denbigh and see the place once more. I guess we will hear morre about the reunion as the months go by

Posted by Delwyn Evans on 12/02/2011   Email

looking for ward to myinvitation for 10th September--------------looking forward to meeting old friends

Posted by Peter Wilson on 29/01/2011   Email

Went to Denbigh this morning, and called in to see the 'Asylum' exhibition in Star Yard. I had never seen Star Yard before, and that in itself was a revelation. The exhibition has been very well put together, is very interesting, and I recommend a visit. Be warned though - there are a number of steps to get up to the exhibition room, but it is well worth the effort. Well done to Clwyd and Carol.

Posted by Margo Farris on 27/01/2011

Hope to make it to the reunion:)

Posted by Kevin Sibbons on 20/01/2011   Email

Great to read some of the history and how people have moved but remember the NWH

Posted by praxiteles on 13/01/2011   Email

I am a member of a restauration group that would like this building to be maintain.There is a group that would like to support the councellors that are working on this. Would your society would like to be part of it or some of your members support this group with ideas or other activities to make sure that this building is preserved. many thanks

Posted by Russell Edwards on 10/01/2011

Can someone please tell me what has happened to Poole Park nr Ruthin, it seems this building has been totally forgotten,

Posted by Cathy Petta on 07/01/2011   Email

I have 2 connections to the NWH. Firstly my dad, Vincent Davis Williams, was a patient at the hospital with multiple admissions from the late seventies to early eighties with (I believe, achoholism and bipolar disorder (manic depression back then) He actually committed suicide at the age of 42 ( again I think he was 42) while an inpatient at NWH in (I think) 1980 or 1981. I don't know any of the details, I was too upset to ask at the time and haven't been able to get mom to give me any details as it is still too painful. If anyone remembers Vince and has memories to share with me I would appreciate it (private email please. I also came as a student nurse in 1983 or 84, from the Wrexham School of Nursing to do a 8 week psychiatric nursing stint. I loved Denbigh and being at the hospital, truely an experience I will never forget. Many a fun night at the staff social club and many never boring nursing shifts at the hospital. Patients and staff were facinating. I am so sad that beautif

Posted by fran paton, nee jones on 04/01/2011   Email

i noted a comment by dilys hamilton, nee roberts. is this the same dilys roberts who introduced me to coffee and curry in a little caf on top town. and i think to some other beveridges. would love to hear from you fran paton, nee jones. i'm now in liverpool still working as a mental health nurse.

Posted by Eryl Aynsley on 04/01/2011

It's good to catch up with news about the hospital. My dad was Goronowy Lloyd Davies (charge nurse and EEG department) and my mother was Sister Betty Davies (Afallon). Mam passed away in 1998 and I was so touched to see some of her former patients at the funeral. Dad passed away in 2006 (92 years old!) and it was a pleasure to see many old staff at his funeral, also at my Uncle Arthur's a couple of years later. I live in California now but I get back to Denbigh twice a year and hope that something can be done to save the old building. Thanks for the memories!

Posted by Clwyd Wynne on 03/01/2011   Email

I would like to wish all of our readers and contributors a very happy new year.

Posted by dilys hamilton nee roberts on 21/12/2010   Email

Being the last of several generations of my family to work at the hospital, I left after training as RMN for a sister post in Cheshire. I was there 1973 - 1978. I have photos going back many years from the days of my great aunts and my mother and some of my own. I came back to live in the Denbigh area in 1997, what a shame to see the state of the place now! Lets hope that the owner improves the situation and puts the building to good use.

Posted by Carl Littlejohns on 16/12/2010

I worked there from 1991 when morale was high. I have a ceramic drinks coaster in front of me with the hospital on it. I also found a Christmas card the other day with the hospital on as a line drawing.

Posted by john on 15/12/2010

I have just found your site and I think its fantastic to have a group of people that remember the hospital as it was, you were obviously all a very close community. The photos are great especially the archive ones! Very interesting. I have no connection with the place at all, just a common interest in architecture and old listed buildings. I sure hope that the building gets restored and that these memories can live on. I am from Southport and Greaves Hall was a hospital which im sure you will have heard of as it was also a mental health hospital, unfortunately that has gone now. Best wishes John

Posted by Samantha Taggart on 02/12/2010

I worked in NWH from 1987 until its closure in 1995. Are there any plans for a reunion? I worked with Kay Hemsley, David Hinchliffe, Ken Williams and Steve Cottrell, to name but a few. Had the best days of my working life working there, the building was full of character and the people were great. Would go back tomorrow if I could. x

Posted by Keith L Warburton on 29/11/2010   Email

The Bread Room - Was siuated in the first room of the corridor(right side) connecting F side to M side Which passed main kitchen, Bakery etc.

Posted by Tracyhe on 21/11/2010   Email

Recently visited Denbigh Hospital as part of a 'arranged paranormal event'. Its such a shame that this hospital has fallen into such a state of disrepair. Just looking at the pictures on here (and other sites), and reading these memories makes you relise what a close 'community' this place created.

Posted by Alwyn on 14/11/2010   Email

Thank you for the great site. Living in Australia, its great to be able to see pictures of NWH and a picture of my father in the football and cricket team (John Gwyn Roberts). Thanks again.

Posted by Roger Hadwin on 05/11/2010   Email

Good to see the website up and running again

Posted by p cook on 02/11/2010   Email

my great grandmother was sent to denbigh hospital in the 1920s (i think) she died at the hospital in 1965 her name was mary jones from llandwrog cearnarfon married to samuel jones and had 4 children robert,margret,thomas and jinny.please can anybody give me any information about her...

Posted by Eleri Wyn Williams on 02/11/2010   Email

Have now been told of new web site to keep me informed over in Spain.Thanks

Posted by Tanya Palmer on 29/10/2010   Email

Just looked at this amazing site and was thrilled to see a picture of my father Ken Palmer in the football taem. He sadly passed away in 1992 but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him from his nursing days. My mum- Christine palmer nee Mcloughlin would also olike to contact anyone who remembers her. Great site. Thanks for the memories. x

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