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Samantha Taggart (nee Smith)
14 May 2010 23:14:50
Just got back in contact with Keith Jones - I used to work with Ken Williams, Steve Cottrell, Paul Gilligan and of course Keith to name just a few - I am trying to arrange a get together - please contact me if interested.



If you would like to get in touch with Sam, just contact us through the Enquiry page and we will send you Sam's email address.
Margo Farris
06 May 2010 15:47:35
Hard to believe that I was home (Trefnant) recently, but did not see any familiar faces when in Denbigh.
Am enjoying reading Ken's memories, - we lost touch a few years ago,and would like to touch base again
to hear about the family.Hopefully, will see someone next time I'm home. Hwyl i bawb.
Annette Roberts
16 April 2010 16:42:01
As students in the royal alexandra in the seventies we used to look forward to the staff from denbigh joining our ranks but used to get really hot under the collar when they insisted on sitting on the beds to talk to the patients and were always looking out incase sister caught them!!! Happy days
Stuart K Dobson
13 April 2010 22:20:59
Hi everyone..took delivery of Clwyd`s book today and must congratulate him on an excellant book.Last saturday my better half and myself journeyed from Swindon,Wiltshire to visit the hospital..I was both very pleased to have seen pretty much all of it but also saddened to see just how dangerous and derelict it has become.I have photographed many other asylums,but this one seems to have suffered terribly.One question..does anyone know of a drawing of the hospital naming the wards and rooms etc?I would like to know for example which were the male wards/female wards etc.Thanks for any info you all may have..

regards from Stu aged 51,(not another Uni-student)!!
Sharon Morgan
12 April 2010 18:59:58
I am trying to find out any information about my grandmother her name was Sarah Ellen Davies she became Jones. I have just found out that she worked at the Denbighshire Asylum she was born in 1893 so depending on how young you had to be to start work there she was married in 1916 so I do not think she would have worked there after this year. She died on 1 June 1982 actually at the North Wales Hospital so you could say she started and ended her life there. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers her or knows anything about her time at the hospital. I do know that when she went back there in 1982 people still remembered her and called her 'Sally'
Haydn Jones
09 April 2010 13:40:03
Further to Mairs recent contact through your guest book i would like to say how lovelly it is that contact with old friends can be maintained. The North Wales Hospital not only provided a high standard of training and care for patients, but also friendships which remains with you for life.
I am unsure if my e mail address can be made available to you through this site,but if possible i will get it to you some way.
I can confirm that Jackie and Gary Scott still live locally. Im led to belive Gary has now retired.Im sure if needed i can find their details.
Best wishes Haydn

Rhoda Kaye
07 April 2010 17:03:08
My Great Grandmother was at the institute and died there about 1959. Her name was Louisa Laura Kibble. I'm looking for information as to where she would be buried as my nan has never visited her grave and it would mean the world to her, any help is greatly appreciated.
Mair Jones
07 April 2010 00:01:07
To Haydn Jones. I can't believe it after all theses years.I to am now single and doing lots of remanissing especially following a very beautiful snowy new year with Gwen in Penmachno.(yes we are still very much in touch ), Lost touch with Jackie a few years back though. Would love to catch up with you, maybe by email ? but not sure how to pass on the address. Mair
Haydn Jones
06 April 2010 11:38:20
In response to Mair Jones message, i am that said person who was Gary Scotts best man when he married Jackie. (fond memories) . lovelly to hear that all is well with you.I still work in the community locally and living the single life which is no suprise to some people!
Mair Jones
03 April 2010 13:27:01
Hi, I have fond memories of my stint at the hospital in the early 80's. I have been in australia for many years now and having heard that the hospital had closed was saddended by the photos I have found when searching on the web. I also have to ask was the entry from Haydn Jones on the 23rd November the same Haydn Jones that was good friends with Gary Scott ?
31 March 2010 07:32:32
I recently found a large group photo in my grandfathers belongings, the caption reads 'North Wales Hospital Staff Ball 1946, first after war'. I know my grandfather (Owen Roland Davies) and grandmother (Ellen Rees) both work at the hospital in the 30's and 40's and early 50's before they immigrated to Australia. I also beleive that most of their family's were also employed at the hospital. I will be visting the UK and Denbigh in July 2010. Can someone advise who I can contact on my visit to give the photo to?

We're having difficulty in delivering a reply to you. Could you please repeat your email address again via the 'enquiry' page.Many thanks.
Eddie Edwards
28 March 2010 11:36:48
Thinking through time scales, Ron is correct. Have A Go came to Denbigh In the fifties. There was stiff competition for tickets to the show,(hard to imagine now), and a draw took place.I obtained a ticket and was at the recording, John Penny was only known to me as someone from the town then as I had not started work at the hospital.
Interestingly, Dick Mae'n iawn also spent time working at the NWH. He worked both as a domestic and as a stores porter.
Ron Jones
25 March 2010 19:47:31
Many thanks to Eddie Edwards for the information on Harold and John Penny, sorry to hear of John's passing.I too remember Wilfred Pickles coming to the Town Hall, but it must have been in the mid fifties as I left Denbigh in 1957 to work in Northamptonshire.there was a rumour going around at the time that a local old character called Dick Mae'n iawn was going to be on the show, but it turned just to be a rumour.
once again thanks to Eddie.
Ron Jones. Raunds
Eddie Edwards
21 March 2010 16:56:36
Yes, John Penny was certainly the brother of Harold. I worked with both of them in the early 60's.
They were popular members of staff and their mother was Kitty Parry who also worked at the hospital as a nursing assistant. Older readers may remember the BBC radio show, 'Have a Go' with Wilfred Pickles.('Bringing the people to the people') The programme came to Denbigh in1960/61? and John appeared on the show which was recorded at the Town Hall.
The brothers subsequently left Denbigh to pursue other things. I believe John died at a fairly young age, and I have heard nothing about the whereabouts of Harold since that period.
Ron Jones
19 March 2010 21:02:56
Looking through the old photo's once again I noticed a group photo with John Penny on the extreme right, is he the younger brother of Harold Penny? I remember John and Harold starting at Frongoch Junior School having moved from Manchester, and in no time were speaking fluent Welsh!
The reason I remember Harold so well is because we shared the same birthdate June 22.
we'll both be 70 this year. Could anyone confirm or deny if it is the same John Penny? many thanks. Ron Jones.
John Roberts
06 March 2010 21:58:16
Visit the site pretty regularly- I was one of the many who used to come to the hospital every summer for quite a few years to play cricket. It was a great wicket and we used to have a terriffic tea. Forgetmost of the names, buy Johhny Mallon seems to be one that comes to mind, used to be a great footballer who used to play for Henllan in the Summer league. Sad to see the building as it is. My mother, Laura Roberts worked there for a while. Best wishes to you all.
Penny White
26 February 2010 13:10:14
How interesting. I came upon the site whilst surfing and thought that I would let you know that Ronald Thompson (the photographer) was in fact my uncle and I lived next door to Auldina Jones in Denbigh from 1948 until roughly 1952/3.
Ken Morgan
09 February 2010 18:05:39
Having visited this site earlier today has brought back so many names and faces. Thought i would list the ones that i have been thinking about today.
Norman Hughes who was a tutor at the technical college when I was a cadet nurse, he later returned to be the proncipal tutor at Denbigh, He persuaded me mid way through my training not to go and be a redcoat at Butlin's.
Sister Annie, female Gwynfryn, if she had been in charge of the NHS there would neer have been any cases of MRSA/ (Do you remember the operation theatre for performing leucotomies? Mike williams, his three wheeler and dog Trixie, Josie Thompson, Mary Williams and Joan Doyle, Pat Fawcett, Jerry Beego, BA and Pauline, Chris Owen, Kevin Hughes, Howard and Elaine Parry, Nerys Hughes, Nigel Hughes who married my sister Linda. John Harvey, Willie Jingles, Edith Jones, Iris and Eluned who worked in the nurses home, Elian (the gardener) Goronway Roberts, Speedy, Aubrey Thomas, Robin Holden, Kate Mullen, Alan Williams. Sister Dorothy, Karen Mc Bride, Norman Brookes, Myfannwy Evans, Sister Julia and sister Grace, Eric Birch, (and please help I can't remember the name of the other charge nurse who worked on Ablett ward. Eifion Williams, Mary Blunden, Margo Williams, Keith Williams, David Davies, Jim Owen, Peter Jones. Peggy who worked in the physio dept (cant remember her surname) Pat Harper, Sister Sylvia (One of the first from denbigh to do her Diploma) and of course the names of those on the web site. What a wealth of interwoven lives that have all had some impact on so many lives, but all of these names I remember with a great sense of that I was glad to have known them. You might wonder how I ended up in the Methodist ministry,the one big thin that impactedupon me happened on 7B when a Baptist minister came in to see a patient (Valerie) he simply prayed with her and the change was remarkable. I was only 18 at the time, but have never forgotten it. Incidently it was while working on that ward that I received my only thump on my face from a patient. (Her name was Rosie).
I didgo on to take my Diploma, and worked 9 years in the Royal Air Force as part of the aeromedical team, which included active service in the Falklands. After leaving the RAF I worked as a charge nurse in Swindon before working for social services before going to Manchester to train for full time ministry. When people ask me what I did before I became a minister I smile and say, Ahh I wish you could have been there it was another life a long time ago that I would not change for anything.
ken morgan
09 February 2010 15:05:19
Hi just discovered this web site, though its now nearly 40 years ago since I trained at Denbigh, they were the best years of my life, Norman brookes, Dorothy Rogers, Eric Owen, mary Blunden, kate Mullen, (who taught me the functions of the cranial nerves) Gwynfor, Aubrey, Norman Hughes,Dick Thompson, Josie, Llinos, Scruff, mary Williams,and so many more names. As I cadet nurse i worked in the Physio dept and then CQSW, before starting PTS and going on to 7B as my frst ward. As a staff nurse it was Wally Ellis that was a real inspiration and was so sad to hear that he has died. I still remember Norman Hughes saying the aorta leaves the left ventricle and bifurcates... I havnt been nursing for over twenty years I am now the superintedant minister of the orth of Scotland Misssion and live in Aberdeen. But I hve really fond memories of living in the nurses home, and often tell stories to my congregations of how training there helped shape my life and values. I remember the concerts and the dances, at the time when we used to have all the big bands. Matron Jay lived in the nurses home at that time, the warden was Miss swires and when she retired Doris Boycott took over. Mrs. Parry worked in the OT dept.
I still have and keep with pride my hospital badge. Will always be so grateful for the time I worked there. Anyone coming to Aberdeen or the highlands will always be welcome to call. I even have four spare bedrooms.

Ken Morgan
25 January 2010 08:03:34
I was a patient in this lovely old building in 1990.Finding this site brought back a lot of memories.I was sectioned and brought there by ambulance absoloutely terrified when I was draged up those steps and through the front door.At the time I did not realize that I had bipolar and 'suffered' a 7 month manic episode,several of those months spent happily there! At that time it was a haven for me.I met my partner of 12 years there,he later gave me my life back.We have a lovely daughter who is now 15.Bob sadly died in 2005.It has made me realize when you think there is no hope,such good things can happen when all seems lost.We were destined to meet,a strange place to find love.....thank you North Wales Hospital. Mia
fran paton, nee jones.
22 January 2010 21:30:59
not so amazed at the reaction following my comments about mr. hughes, (as i knew him. god was i scared of that man) however, i recall the woolworths prospect very well. just to add to memories , i was thinking about those great capes we girls used to wear. wow. they definitely had the x factor when it came to wrapping up and keeping warm when we were told at gwynfryn to go get lunch in the canteen which i think was like a million miles and corridors to travel. happy times.
Mike Adamson
22 January 2010 18:47:12
I would just like to say a big thank you to all those people who have posted so many kind words about my late grandfather, Norman Hughes. My cousin Andrew posted here (2nd Dec 08) to find out a little bit of information about him and that has certainly been the case. I have fond memories of Taid who unfortunately passed away when I was only 7 and I never got to know him as much as I would have liked. My family have spoken fondly of him but it is also very nice to hear of the positive impact he had on so many lives, thank you.
Bob Owen
20 January 2010 09:20:19
I used to work for the former Midland Bank which had a sub office of the Denbigh Branch operating within the hospital. I attended on a number of occasions during early1963 with another and we operated from an open desk within a large room with security being non existent. It was not unusual to see patients wandering in the corridor and even entering the "bank". How times have changed.
Katie Paul
10 January 2010 20:09:34
Such a huge shame that this amazing building is left in this state. Huge loss to the history of mental health and the building itself is fantastic. I'll definately be passing this petition onto my friends and pestering them into signing it!! :)
Eifion Evans
24 December 2009 13:52:47
Wishing all ex members of staff a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

karen hughes
15 December 2009 21:10:34
i was a patient at the hospital i had many a laugh with the staff i made some good friends there and its such a shame that its in such a state i remember the coffee bar shop and also the disco,s on a wednesday night but it was boring on the weekend nothing to do its just so sad that people dont care enough to save it
Roger Beedles
08 December 2009 13:22:16
The look, the suit, the demeanour - did he demand respect and did he get it? A resounding yes on both counts. As a kid off the streets of Denbigh I entered the NWH not knowing what to expect, being moulded by people like Norman Hughes and Pat Thompson set me up for life and I owe them a great debt of gratitude. Happy days! Norman Hughes - a sad loss but a positive influence on so many lives that will never fade away, many thanks.
Dafydd Lloyd Jones
28 November 2009 18:42:28
Remarkable person who could put the fear of God in you with his silence. Do you remember having to describe the heart in the exact words that you were given by Norman? “The heart is a muscular organ the size of a man’s fist and is situated in the thoracic cavity. It has 4 chambers……………….” Can you remember “On Old Olympus Towering Top a Fin and German Viewed the Splendid Heights”? – The first letter was meant to remind us of the names of the Cranial Nerves.
His method of teaching would probably not be accepted today but at the time it proved extremely effective and reflected in the high percentage of nurses passing their final examination on their first attempt. Heb unrhyw amhaeaeth, un o gewri ‘r Ysbyty, heddwch iw lwch.
Richard (Dick) Thompson
25 November 2009 13:44:43
The tributes pouring in for Norman Hughes are fully justified as he rightly belongs in any North Wales Hospital Hall of Fame. Having had the privilege of working with the great man I can share with you the first thing he told me when I started working for him. "Whenever you get a request from anyone in the hospital, it does'nt matter what it is, our policy is always to say yes.
Another endearing habit of Norman Hughes, that readers may not be aware of, is that when things were not going too well, for whatever reason, he would invariably whistle " Here we go gathering Nuts in May" to which Dick Llewelyn would remark - don't go to see him, it's harvest time again !!
Happy days indeed.
Dai Bryn
24 November 2009 17:17:35
I was getting married around the time of my finals and one day Norman said to me "I believe you're getting married soon, don't you think the money for your exam fee would be better spent (and less likely to be wasted) on the wedding.

Another one was that one day he came into the class room and started firing questions about anatomy and physiology at us and of course as he knew our weaknesses none of us were able to give the right answers. After a while he went to the front of the room and with his back to us he said "God, give me strength!" and picked up a full box of chalks and threw them to the floor and strode out. I went to pick up the chalks, being the class goody goody, and when I was by the door I could hear him laughing as he told Dick Llewelyn what he had just done and saying "You should have seen their faces." Again this was another example of his unorthodox technique for getting us to learn.
Haydn Jones
23 November 2009 14:42:49
Following recent comments regarding Norman Hughes there were two incidents which came to mind when i was called to his office. The first was just before my finals when he suggested i went to work on the tills in woolworths as i would never pass. In the present climate i sometimes wish i had!!!!!
The second occassion was when he stated that i was the only person to stay in the nurses home without paying rent,never did understand what he was getting at, as i never did live there!
Dont find many good men like him, although at the time i didnt think that. Haydn
Dave Roberts
19 November 2009 23:33:44
The ' long as God made little green apples...' quote was still in full use in 1981. Godfrey Hayes, Dai Lloyd, Julie Roberts[nee O'Hara] and myself were all subject to that barb at one time....although we didn't do too shabbily at the end of it....I think. Still remember Norman with great admiration. No, his methods wouldn't go down well nowadays....and I for one think it shows....
Mike Hughes
19 November 2009 16:18:04
Norman Hughes-what a man-a fantastic tutor; many of us have alot to thank him for;whatever his methods.If there were such a thing as a NWH hall of fame he would be top of my list.He was also a very keen cricketer. I remember one hot saturday afternoon, we were due to play in St Asaph, we were a man short. We drove around the hospital grounds in the hope of finding someone to make up our numbers.Passing the nurses home there was a student nurse in the window.' Fancy a game of cricket we asked'--- 'no thanks' was the reply.At this point Norman casually got out of the car-- looked up at the student-----'your in block on monday aren;t you -------'I'll be down now mr hughes was the immediate reply.Does that student of the late sixties remember who he is/? I do.
Margo Faris
18 November 2009 17:05:01
No Clwyd, you weren't the only one with regards to the quote. I heard it on numerous occasions!! Hope that you and the family are well.
Dai Bri
17 November 2009 20:49:00
I am about to finally retire, even after all these years. I can still remember Norman Hughes’s definition of hallucination, delusion & illusion. They were simple and precise which made them easy to learn. His teaching methods may not always have been ‘pc’ but boy were they effective. The little green apples quote got numerous of us through our finals
Clwyd Wynne
15 November 2009 15:38:24
In response to Fran's comment about Norman Hughes, I wonder how many others feel the same way. There is no doubt that he was totally committed and dedicated to helping students to succeed. Of course his methods would not be acceptable to the academic establishment these days as it was not seen as 'adult learning'. He used to frighten some people and he inspired others but one thing is sure he got results. Who can forget his reverse psychology technique "As sure as God made little green apples you will never pass your finals!!" or was that just to me? I wonder what memories others have of him.
fran paton, nee jones.
14 November 2009 16:13:04
just found this web site. brings back lots of memories. its a long time ago now but i enjoyed every minute of the four years i was there. i was a student. shy and from trefnant. not many of those. ! however can still recall a few names who helped shape the nurse i am today. watched the most haunted programme and was absolutely gutted. cant believe the building has been left like that. anyone remembers me dont hesitate to get in touch. just a line about norman hughes. never find another tutor like that again. brillilant man.
Karen Marshall
11 November 2009 19:40:20
I would also like to contact Ann Clarke who was an SEN in Denbigh. I lost contact with Ann and her husband some years ago. I know they went to live in Ireland but I believe they are now back in the uk. Karen Marshall nee Owen
RXDOLLynne Lyno ( Whitley)
09 November 2009 23:37:45
Sad to here about Brindley. Many happy memories of NWH and i still have mum's pass key as a key ring - good times all those years ago .Had to smile at the rugby photo am i really that small !!!!!!!! Yes
Ron Jones
31 October 2009 10:20:01
Read the site with great interest, brought back memories of delivering sunday papers for Tom Wynne as a 13 year old in 1953. {scared to death of some of the patients!}. Good luck with the campaign. Ron Jones, Northants.
Robert Hunt
20 October 2009 17:46:10
i remember when i was at denbigh hospital in 1990 i worked with sandra evans.bob woodwood.we all now rgn/rmh/rmn.working in london uk.
many great times there.
John Arthur owen
19 October 2009 17:37:27
Simply to thank Keith Warburton for confirming that the name of the third person in the photograph recently sent by myself was Pobbles namely Robert Jones. Much appreciated.
Kate Mullen
19 October 2009 10:23:11
Just like to say hello to all the people who made me so welcome when I arrived from Manchester in January 1970 (almost 40 years!). I've just joined the technological age and now have access to the internet! I've been looking at the recent pictures - and I could cry. Still no news I suppose?
Eifion Evans
13 October 2009 14:27:11
Hi Carol

Nice to read your little piece on the guest page, Sorry to hear about your dad, He and I worked very closely together in the late 60s and early 70s
and I have many fond memories of him. We both worked with Sally Jay as Senior Assistant Matrons, and I was living at 57 Erw Salisbury at the time. Drop me a line sometime if you get the time, Lee and Bev my daughters send their best wishes.

Cofion Gorau

Carol Walker (nee Owen)
08 October 2009 11:01:21
My father, Eric Owen, worked at the hospital for many years and looking at the site and reading familiar names from my childhood,brought back many memories
Dad passed away in 1999 and seeing his photo at the pageant was a unexpected treat
Thanks to all of you for keeping the memories alive
David Morris
03 October 2009 23:25:14
It was good to read Eddie's reflections about the band and to clarify a few points that had been lost to me in the mists of time,thank you Eddie. They certainaly where a good night,as for the chips,well, they where great,,and if one was prudent with funds,a packet of no.6 or woodbine,was purchased at Rudis shop,at the bottom of Love Lane,"open all hours"
Eddie Edwards
01 October 2009 17:47:57
Reading David Morris’ post brings back memories of The Crown and its golden years. The back room which David refers to was affectionately known as ‘Male 6’ by hospital staff regulars. They were the days of 10:30pm closure, all day opening on Wednesday and the first Tuesday in the month (livestock market day).

Remembering the band, we were called ‘The Stringbeats’ and formed around about 1962. We did indeed hold sessions upstairs every Thursday (I think) This was a popular evening with hospital folk because it was pay in a transparent envelope collected from the waiting room by the front entrance of the hospital. A £1 would ensure a good night out with change left for chips on the way home.

I played lead guitar with Ron (the brawd) on drums. Rhythm guitar was played by Iwan Pritchard, a good friend who was in school with Dai Bryn and myself but never worked in the Hospital. In the beginning we had no bassist, but Will Charles Edwards joined later to make up a typical 4 man band of the period. Dai Bryn was not the vocalist but could not resist jumping on the stage from time to time, (Twist and Shout was his favourite) Dai was our Roadie and Manager, he organised our bookings and so on. Ritchie from Henllan called him Mister 10%!

As for fame and fortune...... a certain Brian Epstein from Liverpool found lads from the ‘Pool’ and the rest is history.

Happy days....

Eddie Edwards.

John Arthur Owen
30 September 2009 09:23:46
Having just read the most recent Guestbook comments I remember David and his brother Gwyn although the memories of that period probably date back to the 60's and 70's. I remember well most of the residents at the Nurses Home including the two 'Gwynfors' refered to by David. Tempus Fugit!!.
David Oliver Williams
26 September 2009 22:42:28
I remember Sarah Hughes's grandfather Mervyn Evans. When I joined the staff in March 1948 Mervyn was a deputy Charge Nurse on Male 2. In those pre NHS days it was a private ward. He was a good ,caring nurse and he had distinguished good looks with prematurely greying hair. He always said that he would not work a day after his 55th birthday, but I suspect things did'nt turn out that way.
David Morris
15 September 2009 12:14:39
I have many happy memories of life at the hospital as a student nurse in the early sixties.There only seemed to be one local in those days and that was the Crown in Denbigh, I remember one evening quite well when a group of lads decided to hold a musical evening in the room upstairs,Tim Ellis was the landlord,and allowed this room to be used,anyway a crowd of us gathered as usual in the back bar before trooping upstairs pints in hand to listen to the recital, Vocalist was Dei Bryn ,Drums Ronnie Edwards, Lead guitar,Eddie Edwards, I don't think there was anyone else, but I will stand corrected on that if anyone else remembers.It was great fun and the lads gave it thier all, what a good job Simon Cowall and co where not around in those days,otherwise our fledgling nurses might have had a change in career and become pop stars. What great times we had.In closing I have many more stories of fun and high jinx,and share these memories with my brother Gwyn,we still laugh at all our memories, and are saddened to hear of so many people we knew and respected as our mentors who have departed.If anyone would like to get in touch I would love to hear from you. best wishes

**** If you would like to contact David or anyone else who has contributed to the site, please contact us****
Dave Roberts
14 September 2009 11:42:59
It is with shock and a great sadness that I have come to learn about the passing of Brinley Jones. I knew Brinley for many years, but especially during the late seventies and early eighties in the Nurses Home at the NWH. He was a good friend to have and he introduced me to classical music which he adored with a passion. I still listen to classical pieces he used to rave about from time to time .... they will be slightly sadder to listen to now.
Rest In Peace Old friend.....................
David Morris
13 September 2009 09:59:21
I would like to know the whereabouts of a couple of lads Who lived in the Nurses home with me during the early sixties,both where called Gwynfor ,and i'm sure that i would be forgiven if I reffered to them by thier nicknames , Gwynfor Jones (speedy) and no.2 was Gwynfor Roberts(the vicar)I think he married a Sweedish girl who worked at the hospital as an OT and I think he left the hospital to move to the Bristol area,his wife's name i think was Annalea. I would like to trace them, and others who where "living in" at about this time,I have several happy memories from that period,we worked hard and played hard ,and what a great bunch they all where , regards to Keith Warburton, Stewart Lloyd Jones, Mike Hughes ,and several others from those hppy days long gone by.
David Morris.
David Morris
09 September 2009 09:34:26
Dear Clwyd, i was told about the web site by Gwyn, my brother,we both worked at NWH,what a wonderful and nostalic read it makes, congrats to you and the team for making it so interesting. It has brought back many very happy memories to me ,and Denbigh will always be part of it.i was so shocked to see the pics of the interior of the old place,such a shame for such an outstanding piece of our history. I have now retired but will be checking the web site from now on,please pass on my regards to all who knew me and Gwyn,best wishes Dei Morris Glynceioriog
Gwyn Morris
08 September 2009 15:10:54
I have just been directed to the site thanks to Clwyd.I worked as a psychiatric nurse in Denbigh between 1965 and 1982.If anyone remembers me and wishes to contact me I would be pleased to hear from you.
Peter Wilson
25 August 2009 12:22:16
First of all, I can confirm that 'Mary Mac' was my 'opposite' on female 7b, when Eddie was downstairs in F7a.
Thanks Eddie for rescuing, restoring and revealing the photos of the Nursing Pageant. The three things that I recall about the Pageant are:
1) As Eddie said, we used to go to a local hostelry in our costumes before appearing on stage. This was not popular with a certain senior member of staff, who forbid us to go, but we gave the ultimatum that if we couldn;t go for a pint first, we wouldn't go on stage - we won!
2) As you will see from the photos of the Royal Alex tableau, some of the girls (all student nurses as far as I can remember) appeared as 'dusky maidens' which meant having a brown make-up spread all over (well, almost ALL over) their bodies, and for the places where they couldn't reach themselves, the lads from the 'Mental' were all too ready to volunteeer to help in the application.
3) All the scenes before we went on were shown in silence, with just the narrators voice describing them, but when it came to our turn, the Denbigh Hospital Choir sang 'Onward Christian Soldiers' as we marched on with our swords, lances and banners flying. Must have been quite a sight!
Eddie Edwards
24 August 2009 17:55:15
Clwyd is quite correct. The person who I could not recall the name of is Mary Jones. With his prompt, it immediately came back to me.
Her full name was Mary MacManus Jones and I remember her as Sister on 7B, she may well have been Peter Wilson's opposite number. Peter might confirm?
The other person who I could not recognize in the large group photo is Brian (B A) Jones. He is standing behind Eric Owen.
The original files are large and can be opened to reveal more detail of faces.
Margo Faris
24 August 2009 14:15:55
Hi Sarah,
I was home recently & bought the book = The North Wales Hospital, written by Clwyd Wynne. Ask Hugh to get you a copy from the Welsh shop in Denbigh. There are lots of photos of your Taid. Hope you are well. Love to Mum & family.
(Your Cousin)
Sarah Hughes
22 August 2009 15:32:28
Does anybody have any stories/photos about my grandfather Mervyn Evans who was a nurse at the hospital for a number of years? (1940's - 1970's)

Eddie Edwards
04 August 2009 14:30:20
I take a look at the Historical Society website from time to time and was intrigued by a post from Eifion Evans back in January. He was recalling the ‘Nursing Pageant’ of 1968, I remember this well, it was shortly after I returned to Denbigh from general training, together with Noel Jones (deceased) . Noel and I were quickly persuaded to join the pageant and duly assumed the roles of ‘Knights’
In his post, Eifion wondered if any photographs existed. I immediately recalled taking some photos at one of the rehearsals, but had not seen them since the time of taking. I assumed they were long gone and thought no more about the matter.
During a recent expedition into our loft (you have to take a map and survival gear), I found a set of prints taken during the 60’s. To my astonishment, amongst them were photos of the pageant. When I returned to the safety of the ground floor I could see that they were in a much deteriorated condition. I have spent some time digitizing the prints and have tried to at least make people recognisable with some restoration.
Mike Hughes in his post a few weeks ago has been able to recall the venues where the performances were put on. I particularly remember many of the cast visiting local hostelries’ during rehearsals for a couple of drinks; this was usually in full costume which caused great amusement to regulars. We thought it was a good ‘Knight’ out. (Sorry)
I am taking the photo files to Dafydd and he will place them on the site. Hope they bring back memories for some.
Eddie Edwards.

Claire Gierke
26 July 2009 17:39:12
Hi could you congratulate Chris Moor and Gill Pirece on their retirement and wish them happiness (peace, relaxation and no alarm clocks) and good wishes xxxx thanks
ps: not sure if there has been an announcement on this site re: Gill and Chris?
Elliott Oakes
12 July 2009 17:58:30
While out on a motorcycle ride with my brother I stumbled upon the hostpital. I was so impressed by the building I looked it up on google as soon as I got home. When I found out that it had been an asylum it brought back a memory from my childhood. I was on summer holiday from junior school "helping" my uncle in his lorry delivering tinned food in the north wales area. I remember vividly unloading boxes of canned goods from his lorry into a store room in the hostpital. One of the patients was trying to help us. I needed to use the toilet and was more than a little nervous in there as there were no doors on the cubicals and there were quite a few men sitting there watching me as I walked in and out. All this was quite an experience for a ten year old lad. I am sixty in September therefore this memory is of fifty years ago and it will stay with me forever as part of my happy childhood.


Elliott Oakes.
Alison goodwin
08 July 2009 01:43:33
I have not been o the hospital as yet but plan on going very soon. I realy hope they do not demolish this building as it is a amazing place and is a big part of Denbigh' history. To many of our historical buildings are being demolished now days and can never be replaced.
Peter Wilson
25 June 2009 09:24:09
Just a short note to send my best wishes to Gill Pierce on her retirement. It makes me feel really old! Gill was a student on my ward (F7b) in the early 70s. Enjoy your retirement Gill, but remember - now you have finished work, you no longer get days off and weekends off! It's all go!
Gill Pierce (nee Roberts)
22 June 2009 15:30:29
I was looking at the site today and see that the picture of the week is of the Graduation in 1975. I retire this week after 38 years in mental health! a lifetime.

We would like to wish you all the very best for the future Gill.- N.W.H. Historical Soc.
Beryl Lyth
13 June 2009 09:32:34
I worked at North Wales Hospital as a staff nurse from 1979 - 1982.

The last ward I worked on was Tal - y - Fan. I left in May 1982 and went to New Zealand where I worked at Porirua Hospital and Taranaki Base Hospital.
I immigrated to Australia in 1986 and worked in Perth, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales.
I retired 3 years ago from Community Mental Health Team.
I think I remember Eric Owen and a newly made up ward sister Wendy who came from night duty to Tal-y-Fan, I will never forget her for personal reasons.
I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me especially Margaret an SEN off Tal-y-Fan.
So sad to see the state the hospital is in now.
geraldine Gaskell
11 June 2009 22:17:02
Did anyone know my uncle Hughie Jones? he was a patient there for a number of years and died in around 1979, i remember visiting him there when i was little and thought that it was like a mansion.

Another Email has been received from Geraldine stating that her uncle, Hughie Jones was a patient at Pool Park Hospital, Ruthin
21 April 2009 15:03:55
PLEASE PLEASE!! I am trying to find out about my uncle Leonard Robins born in Staffordshire in 1916 and a patient in Denbigh Asylum as it was know then. Leonard died at the NWH in May 1969, I would be very grateful for ANY information, Thank you, Cheryl
Martha Parker
30 March 2009 13:41:34
I have just come across this wonderful site and I wanted to ask if anyone knew of my Grandfather, his name was JT Davies, I think, and I think I am correct in thinking he lived on site with his family, and I think he was an administrator of the hospital during the 40s and 50s?
Russell Edwards
28 March 2009 13:16:01
During the late 70s & 80s a lot of Denbigh school leavers began there working careers at the NWH, on what where known as Youth Opportunity Programmes in all departments, catering, clerical, engineering, OT, etc, if i remember right, Mon - Fri for £19,50p, I worked in the kitchens, even though these programmes where regarded as cheap labour by some, I enjoyed my time at the NWH, and it gave me a good start to my working life, i'm working back in the NHS now in Payroll.
Eifion Evans
25 March 2009 13:32:07
Thanks Mike, Ive now got my pet sleuth Peter Wilson on the trail of the missing Information and any pictures available. Nice to see you are still keeping as busy as usual Mike!!!


Mike Hughes
19 March 2009 22:49:23
Hi Clwyd & Co.
Bumped into Peter Wilson recently. Whilst reminiscing about old times we recalled the history of nursing pageant of which we were both a part.(I note the recent appeal by Eifion Evans.) The event took place in March 1968.There were four venues namely Rhyl.Denbigh.Llandudno & Bangor.The Denbigh presentation took place on the 15th March in the town hall.Unfortunately i have no photos of the event.(Just a programme with a page missing) Perhaps with the dates it might be worth a visit to one of the local newspapers.
Regards to all.
Mike Hughes.
Dr Alan Thomas
16 January 2009 12:21:31
My great grandfather, Harold Parker, was certified insane in 1920 and remained a patient from then until the time of his death in 1927. If anyone can tell me anything about the hospital during those years I would be pleased to hear from them. Thank you.
Eifion Evans
15 January 2009 19:14:09
Does anyone have any photograph of the Nursing Pageant put on by Matron Sally Jay and the Staff during the period 1967 - 1971. I have emailed the northwaleshospital forum with no results.
Members of st aff involved included C/N Peter Wilson
C/n Eilian Williams. Senior Assistant Matrom Eric Owen,Myself, and the Choir that included Deputy Matron Myfannwy Evans Senior Assistant Matron Julia Williams, Tried everywhere to get some pictures of it. Please put me out of my missery
Many thanks

Eifion Evans ex SAMatron
Dave Roberts
08 January 2009 22:54:41
Hmm Newspaper, loo, and only half an hour..... slacking Clwyd. That was obviously because you were on a female ward. A certain SEN on male 5 used to make the entire Daily Post on his sojurns. Of course the rest of us never did such things did we??
David Williams
07 January 2009 19:59:48
Good to see the photograph sent in by John Arthur Owen which shows a number of familiar faces who were around when I was at NWH between 1959- 62. Unfortunately, there seems to be a dearth of photos covering my time and I guess we must have been a little camera shy. I do remember photoshoots of the group of young staff who where part of the scooter/bike crowd who used to meet outside the nurses home. Have any of these photos survived. The crowd included myself, Eleri Parry, Ted Bythell, Andy McCrae and several others whose names escape me. It would be nice to see any photos associated with this time.
Deborah Evans
07 January 2009 16:00:44
Sorry i havent replied to anyones e mails regarding my dad Cyril Evans unfortunately i have been ill but thanks to Delwyn Evans and John A Owen i think i have the photos you mentioned and some others i also have a copy of a nursing magazine from 1960s dad is on front cover protesting about nurses wages i will definately send them to the site now i am in good health again i hope you all had a good xmas happy new year /blwyddyn newydd dda to everyone.
stephen jones
03 January 2009 11:52:41
just out of interest ,,can anybody please tell me if poss,which patient called themself the "connahs quay kid"? ,,,,thanks
Irene Evans
02 January 2009 19:05:21
Ah, it really stirs up the old memories to read the comments on this site. I was so sad to hear about Noel and Peter (I haven't visited the site for a couple of years). Always sad to hear of people passing on, but so poignant when it comes to the staff of "The Mental" because we were "forever young" and immortal in our own minds. Surrounded by human tragedy every day, it was almost as if we were to some extent untouchable.
Going from the sublime to the ridiculous (as is usual with ex-Denbigh staff) I remember one charge nurse that I worked with on Female Gwynfryn (I was a newly qualified staff nurse). He would "hide" with the newspaper in the staff loo for at least half an hour every morning - and leave me to explain his absence. Working with him was certainly a "charm offensive"!!! I don't know if he was more charming or offensive. A sample of his stunning humour - "Irene, why don't you stand up and give your bum a rest." Response "Clwyd - why don't you shut up and give YOUR bum a rest!" Can't remember his surname right now for some reason ..............
Aaaaah - for many reasons, among the happiest days of my life!!!!
Keith Warburton
01 January 2009 17:06:36
I remember meeting Mike when he became a resident of the Nurses Home so many years ago, and visited with he and Edith last June. In some forty odd years he was always the same, never changing. His quirky humour, wonderful stories, some of which you had to take with a bit of salt if thats the correct expression. His motor bike and most of all the evenings spent in the Llindir passing the hours away. I am sure that he had his own spot and no one else would take it. I would like to pass my condolences to Edith and his family. Yours etc. Keith.
Dave Roberts
31 December 2008 19:32:00
It is sad to read of Mike Maloney's passing. It seems like yesterday that he was spending the early part of the night shift avoiding George Hughes because Wrexham had lost.

I remember him blaming me for substituting blank fire lists for the ones he had collected [I still believe that either Haydn Jones or Billy the bug to be the culprit], but Mike took it in good part as usual.

Delwyn Evans
31 December 2008 06:57:19
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i pawb

Happy New Year to all
Eifion Evans
25 December 2008 09:51:43
A Very Happy Christmas to all the old staff

Bob Neale
23 December 2008 20:25:53
A lovely story about Wally in Gwynfryn from Dave.I can remember arriving on a late shift as a student one Sunday to find the whole place deserted,the office, dorm,dining room, not a soul !All of a sudden I heard a cry.......HOWZAT? Of course the entire ward was playing cricket,staff, patients, everyone having a great time and who was directing operations for the fielding side,yes youve guessed!
Dave Roberts
18 December 2008 12:35:14
Have just seen the announcement of Wally Ellis' passing. My heartfelt condolences to all his family.

A great character in a time of great characters. He was [along with Tom Lewis] instrumental in persuading me to go into training after being on their ward as a cadet.

He was a lovely man who had all the time in the world for anybody who was genuinely ill, or genuinely wanted to share in his knowledge.

He had a low tolerance for 'plastic people..' and was a great mentor and role model. He was of the generation who I am pleased to have worked with and learnt from.

An anecdote I recall was Mr Ellis talking at length to a severely depressed man from the Lleyn who was quite a big chap and could get 'resistive'.. both were missing one afternoon and a search found them both in the Day centre, with Mr Ellis playing the piano for this chap to sing in a beautiful tenor voice. I and my fellow student were impressed, but I became more impressed to learn that Mr Ellis couldn't read a note of music and was following this man by ear, making him feel at home and 'relaxed'. The patient came on in leaps and bounds in the weeks aided by 'Music therapy..' Wally Ellis style.

A wonderful man.
Dei Bri
12 December 2008 19:21:09
Memories of Norman Hughes. In preparation or our finals in 1972, Norman spent time with us setting up trays and trolleys. CSSD packs were just starting, but Norman insisted that we set up our trolleys with the stainless steel bowls etc. I can still recall him saying "If there is a bowl on the top shelf there has to be one to match it on the bottom shelf” I think that those who were examiners must have known which students came from Denbigh we were so regimented in the way we set up our trolleys and trays.
Dave Roberts
10 December 2008 17:13:32
On the ongoing thread about Norman Hughes, I was reminded of a recollection I recounted to a friend of mine working in education just the other week.

Norman had a habit of getting students to learn Anatomy and Physiology parrot fashion and would throw pieces of chalk at you if you mucked it up....

One steamy afternoon he had spent far too long trying to get a motley group of pupil nurses [Dai Lloyd, Gary Scott, Janet Skilling, Ann Williams, Nicky Jones and me] to recount the Alimentary system from input to output ....!!! Loads of airbourne chalk later Norman turned to Nicky who looked as if he was on another planet...'say it back to me..' chalk poised... In a soporific voice Nicky regurgitated Normans' entire spiel word for word without a break. Stunned, Norman never spoke, turned to walk out of the room and threw the chalk at me !!

He cared about what he did with a passion ......
Delwyn Evans
09 December 2008 17:06:03
when Enoch Powell offered us 6 pence(old money) in the £ rise in our wages we went off to London------------Albert Hall for a big meeting.
I remember Norman Hughes was so proud of us a students as we had just gone from the blue uniform to the charcoal Grey one.
he walked passed us many time as the proud he was of ALL his students.
Bob Neale
09 December 2008 16:07:30
Great to hear Brian Evans is still alive and well after being deported to Australia all those years ago!Also regards to Dave Roberts,nice story about the the rugby.Wonderful memories also about Mr Norman Hughes, he had a very stern appearance but what a lovely man!
Clwyd Wynne
08 December 2008 13:55:23
"As sure as God made little apples!!" One of the phrases Norman used regularly to emphasise a point, often it was to tell you you had no chance of passing your exam, but of course this was just one of his psychological ploys to make you more determined and to prove him wrong, which was all he wanted, and it worked surprisingly well. He was dedicated to getting as many students as possible through their exams and the remarkably high pass rate was testament to his efforts. Of course it also helped that the hospital was an excellent training ground for aspiring nurses as evidenced by the numerous staff who went on to gain high offices all over the UK and further afield.
steve lansdell
07 December 2008 20:54:20
i remember cyril evans lost touch when i went to birmingham. has anyone heard from steve callender.would like to hear from anyone who remembers the old days
Dave Roberts
04 December 2008 10:21:22
In response to Andrew Davies.
I have great memories of Norman Hughes, including his crticism of me;-)

'Roberts you are a sketch !! '
'What's that Mr Hughes?'
'An unfinished drawing....'

He was a skilled communicator who had a unique way of getting his point across. I can still remember my first contact with him in a classroom situation, when he strode in climbed onto and squatted on a chair and talked to fairies on the end of his fingers for fully 5 minutes...... he then got down and said you 'will never forget that, that is the power of first impressions..'
He was right !!! I never have forgotten it. Memorable man.
David Williams
03 December 2008 17:32:35
Just a quick response to Andrew Davies' guestbook entry re his grandfather, Norman Hughes. I would like to refer him to my tribute to his grandfather in the "Memories Index" on this site. I am sure there are many ex-nurses who owe a great debt of gratitude to Norman who impacted so positively on the lives of his students. It is sad to learn that he is no longer with us but the memory of him lingers on.
Andrew Davies
02 December 2008 18:13:34
I have recently visited the North Wales Hospital following its much recent publicity.I must state that I am saddend by the state of such a marvellous looking building that has obviously been left to the elements and vandals.

I am very interested in hearing from anyone that may have known my late grandparents who worked at the hospital between 1939 and 1980. My Grandfather was Norman Hughes who started his career as a nurse at the hospital before being the Principal Nursing Tutor in about 1956 until his retirement in 1980. My gradfather sadly passed away in 1990.

My grandmother was Sister Iris Hughes who worked at the hospital from 1940 - 1980. I believe she finished her career as the Night Sister. My grandmother passed away in 2007.

In conclusion if anyone has any memories of them I would love to hear them. Keep up the great work and good luck for the future.
Delwyn Evans
29 November 2008 16:16:54
just a note to say i am recovering from my triple heart by pass and wish to thank all my old colleagues for their support during my illness
Dave [Womble] Roberts
27 November 2008 20:59:46
Hi Clwyd and Co
Just came across this site and I am gratified that so much effort is being put into conserving the memories and memorabillia relating to the place.
I have loads of memories and can remember the stories that have no doubt been circulated many times in your conversations.
On the subject of nicknames, maybe Bob Neale and Haydn may remember the occasion when the opposition [Rugby] team { I think it may have been Rhos or Abergele] worked out our fiendishly difficult line out calls[difficult for us tht was] and we resorted to using nicknames Gwynnie Rog was throwing in and 'KP nuts' and 'Fireman' {Keith ?} 'Yogi' [Mike Lewis], 'Vet' [Mike ?], 'Magnum' {Haydn Jones who else?] all worked until Gwynnie shouted 'Stud' and all eight NWH players lept ??!! in the air reducing ref, opposition and the handful of supporters to fits of tears and claims by all that the ball was aimed at them....

WH Jones ... Billy the bug
Robert Coates ....Bob the bean
David Williams....Dei Kings Mills
Gareth ? ...........Gareth Llanelidan
Neil Davies .........Neil Claude

to name a few that won't get a solicitor against me :-)

Keep up the good work
Branwen Mc Bride
27 November 2008 20:04:51
Thanks ever so much for the reply! It's made my mum very happy to know that people remember her father, and a photo would be awesome :-) . Any information at all on Clement Jones would be very gratefully received, thanks.
Clwyd Wynne
26 November 2008 20:54:11
To Branwen Mcbride
There are a few staff around who remember your grandfather and we have a photograph which includes him which I am sure we can show on this site. He joined the staff on 1 October 1927 at the age of 22 and became a Charge Nurse and probably retired in the early 1960's. That is all the information I have at the moment but if you want to know any more I can ask some of the retired staff.
Brian Evans
25 November 2008 23:32:48
Just had a visit from Dai Bri and Tony Jones and while we were remembering our time at Denbigh they mentioned this site. It's great to see the support for this site and I will find my PTS of 69 photo and send it in.
Cheers BrianLUMZG

(See Photograph of the week)
Branwen Mc Bride
24 November 2008 19:09:59
Does anyone remember Clement Evan Jones - a staff nurse in the 40 - 50's ? My mum well remembers visiting for the christmas parties, and thinks her dad was also one of the team who laid the football pitch!
(He passed away in 1971)
Thanks, Branwen.
Peter Wilson
23 November 2008 21:32:40
Thanks to this web site, I am now in touch with an old friend of mine who I last had contact with 37 years ago - Eifion Evans, who worked in the Nursing Office of the 'Female Side' in the late 60s / early 70s. We were talking about the 'Pageant of Nursing' which took place in about 1967. All the hospitals in the area took part, each one depicting a scene connected with the history of nursing. The tableau which the North Wales Hospital put on related to the time of the Crusades, and the formation of the 'St John's of Jerusalem' organisation. The ones I can remember who took part along with Eifion and myself were George Dunn, Bob 'Ffestiniog' Roberts, Mike Maloney, Eilian Williams, Eric Owen, Sally Jay, and Sue Kruger. Does anyone remember this? As far as I can remember, we put the show on in Denbigh Town Hall, and then went 'on tour', appearing in Rhyl, Llandudno and Bangor. If anyone has photographs of the pageant, I'd like to have copies.
22 November 2008 22:44:12
my grandad was in Denbigh off and on for years! I REMEMBER ALL GOOD THINGS ! his name was stan cross was a yoo g la xxxxx

(Do you mean a yodler ?)
Delwyn Evans
21 November 2008 19:30:52
reply to Deborah re her father Cyril Evans
Cyril lived next door to me in the Nurses home
hs hobby then was collecting beer mats abd the walls of his room were covered in mats
there is a picture of him somwhere
Tim Essex
21 November 2008 09:35:58
Hi just found your site, absolutely wonderful. I am working with the Community Arts Workshop in Leamington Spa, and one of our next projects is to look at the history of asylums. Your site provides some great inspiration.
John Arthur Owen
20 November 2008 12:22:39
I refer to an enquiry by Deborah Evans on Guest list : dated :31 October '08 regarding her late father namely Cyril Evans (Aberystwyth). I have a photo of an attempt at a 'group handstand' in front of the nurses home which includes Cyril, Arnold Ainsley, the late Brynley Williams and myself John A Owen.
Elizabeth Cartwright
17 November 2008 12:12:20
We are a group of people dedicated to saving as much if not all (we can dream) as this magnificent building as we can.(Type in www.northwaleshospital.)After a very sad in turnout protest we must now explore other avenue's and I still fell the turning point could be 'people power'. I for one find all the old stories of the former staff, patients, going ons, etc at North wales fascinating and I think we should play on that - it has people's history within its walls, how can they take that away against people's wishes and memories? Please feel free to email me,or even write your thoughts (Cambrian Cafe, Chapel Street, Tregaron, SY25 6HD ) and memories down. They should be heard and seen to remind Denbigh Council and Freemont that people's lives are woven into the very fabric of North Wales Hospital.
Phil Edwards
14 November 2008 18:51:41
Hiya, i worked at the hospital from 1980 until 1987 when i joined the army, i worked in the kitchens, could you tell me if there are any pictures of the kitchens as they were and as they are now, many thanks

(Photos of the kitchen will be displayed quite soon)
Bob Neale
11 November 2008 11:37:18
Hi Marylin
Great memories of working and the occasional party in Wrexam.Semi retired now,Dei Bri who met his wife in Wrexam is also semi retired but up in Scotland where he emigrated in the 70,s.Bibsalso retired and alive and well in Denbigh.I remember first day on Lewis Ward , they sent me to shave some unfortunate person, pre op, so I had to admit I,d never done it ,could somebody show me?Not very happy I was told to wait while they found somebody.Who was sent bic at the ready, yes you,ve guessed, Bibs, Good Days!
Yvonne & Ant Williams (nee Fazakarley)
10 November 2008 21:28:44
During half term I spent some time staying at my Dad (Stan) and step-mum's (June) who live in Towyn. Both are fans of Most Haunted as is my husband Ant, so we watched the 7 nights Most Haunted Live at North Wales Hospital. My step-mum remembers the hopsital when it was still open and can recall attending a dance in the great hall. Well what can I say about such an amazing and beautiful buidling. History held in bricks and mortar, how can anyone consider knocking this building down ! On our return journey to Chelmsford in Essex my husband drove us up to the hospital so we could see this fine building - I was lost for words at actually seeing such a truly splendid building. I left for home feeling very emotional about this lovely building and it's possible demolition. it can not be allowed to happen. Let's hope the Most Haunted show has brought this story more publicity and with any luck a solution and happy ending to keeping this building.
Dave Owen
09 November 2008 20:41:42
I am saddened by the way this magnificent building has been left to deteriorate. I sincerely hope that it can and indeed should be restored to it's former glory.
Eifion Evans
09 November 2008 18:23:06
I started my nursing career at Pool Park, with Jim Davis as a Nursing Assistant then Moved to Leicester to do RMN and SRN training before returning to Denbigh in 1967. How many of the old team are still in touch? When I was appointed as Senior Assistant Matron in 1967, the Admin team was as follows:- Matron Sally Jay Deputy Matron Myfanwy Evans Senior Assistant Matrons Julia Williams Grace Jones Eric Owen and Myself I remember some of the names of Senior Nurses, but age is catching up with me. Peter Wilson Eilian Williams Sister Mary I can see the faces of others, but the names are not forthcoming I would be delighted to have someone fill in the many blanks Dafydd Allun Jones was the consultant. Dr Kirby and Dr Patrick ? two of the Medical staff Help from anyone would be great
Many thanks
Eifion Evans
Peter Glynn
09 November 2008 09:22:20
Just to let everyone know that Bryn Golau has now been demolished. That's Bryn Hyfryd and Bryn Golau both gone. Very sad.
Barbara Masters
08 November 2008 17:59:29
I have started a group on facebook called save the lunatic asylum in denbigh n wales. I know it sounds a shocking title but it grabs peoples attention!! I have just seen the sad sight of the rubble that was Bryn Golau. I cant believe they have been allowed to go ahead with the demolition, why isnt anyone trying to stop it??? I only started my group less than a week ago and have over 130 members, there is another group on there with over 2000 members, surely with all that interest, and if we can generate more we can stop them?? It is a beautiful building, they could make so much money from it, it could be a film set, hotel, museum ANYTHING yet they have let it decay. It is an utter travesty. PLEASE feel free to contact me regarding this matter and if you have any ideas as to how we can stop it!!!
08 November 2008 11:14:13
Hi Clwyd,
Has anything happened or been said about saving the hospital from being knocked down?
Eryl Aynsley
07 November 2008 23:30:21
My father, Goronwy Lloyd Davies, and my mother, Beti Davies, worked in the hospital. They met there in the 30s and Dad worked there for more than 40 years. He helped set up the EEG Dept with Dr Peter Griffiths and Mam became sister in Afallon in 1966. My Uncle Arthur also worked as a change nurse there for many years and I was a nursing assistant there during summer holidays. I am so sad to see how the building has been allowed to deteriorate and I really applaud Clwyd and the rest of the group for their efforts to protect this old place which has so many memories for everyone. If those people who want to demolish the hospital would take a few minutes to stand in the grounds of Denbigh Castle and look down on the site, they would realize the potential of the place. Hotel? Residential home? Museum and country park? Where is the vision? We know the building is in dire shape but it's not so hopeless than the only solution is to demolish it. Although I live in California, I get to Denbigh pretty often and it breaks my heart to walk by the old "mental" and see how it's been neglected for so long. Good luck to the group who are working to save it!
Eifion Evans
07 November 2008 17:57:09
I was lucky enough to be appointed as one of the Senior Assistant Matrons 1n 1967, I came accrross this site by pure accident, and I would be pleased to have contact with any who remember me from my stay At Denbigh. Most of the names bring back many memories, Especially knowing that Peter Wilson is still active!!! I am sure that many of my old colleagues have now departed, but I would like to hear from anyone. Since retiring I live down in Hampshire.

Pob Hwyl

Eifion Evans
06 November 2008 15:04:55
I have lived locally for a few years , and have always known of the Denbigh Hospital but have never seen it it , I heard it was going to be demolished so took a drive up there to have a look . I had a shock when I saw this beautiful grand building set in the countryside, I thought no, surely they are not demolishing that I must have the wrong one , but sadly I did'nt .Why have the local authorities been allowed to let this treasure go to rack and ruin?, could they not see the potential here? TV, films, it is a ready made period drama set the revenue from that alone would help with the yearly runnuing costs. I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT WE NEED TO SAVE THIS BUILDING !!! ANY IDEAS !
Llyr Jones
06 November 2008 12:43:37
Hi Clwyd,
Just thought i would send you a message to say what a lovely picture of Harold Roberts in the stores. He was my Taid, and I kind of remember him, he died when I was very young. It's fantastic what you do with this site very interesting. Keep up the good work.
Peter Glynn
06 November 2008 09:05:05
I attended Most Haunted Live at the hospital on two occasions. One thing it showed was that the building , especially the hall , was and is capable to catering for thousands of visitors over 7 nights. They tell us that the building is now too far gone and must be pulled - this programme has proved otherwise. Well done to the charge nurses who walked round as part of the programme. That was the best part. International fame at last.
marilyn Westwood-Bate (nee Owen)
05 November 2008 22:24:40
Hi Bob, it was good to see your reply on the web site. Sad to read that some of the guys that were with you at Wrexham are no longer with us.I was wrong when I said Clwyd Wynne was allocation officer, it was Stanley wynn Jones. Clwyd Wynne arrived at the War Memorial hosp; in Wrexham in the mid 70's no doubt he will correct me if I am wrong. Mary cemetry house was a great character, I also remember Bibs and Alan shone. I wish we could tune in to the Welsh tv station here in Shropshire it sounds as though "most haunted" is very interesting. I never went to NWH Denbigh to work but took patient's from Wrexham A/E Dept; under sectionin the late 70's. I worked in the Wrexham Hospitals from 1971 until 2004, When I left my post as a staff nurse in the A/E dept: at Wrexham (having completed the conversion course some time ago). Yeah like you Bob I have matured like a good Red wine!!!!!!!!!!! I have recently retired from my post as a Nurse Advisor. How about you and the rest of the Guy's that rented 19 Talbot Road? It's good to read the Banter and Nostalgic comments from the staff and relatives of the North wales Hospital in Denbigh. We all did our best to provide care understanding and support to those who were in need with physical and mental illness, often the two crossed path's. Hopefully we all shared our knowledge for the benefit of others. But please can we, (Dai Bri and I) be forgiven, for making apple pie beds on Hunter ward for post patient's who were bored after being in hospital for 7 days after appendix and hernia op's. Sr Topsy Robert's would be clapping her hands saying "Gentlemen get into bed please" only to find we had made it impossible for them to do so!
Jan Sexton nee Williams
03 November 2008 12:13:53
Hello Clwyd,
Good to see so many people raising awareness about the hospital. I can see from your website that you and your colleagues have been labouring long and hard on behalf of this National treasure. Now it has been brought to National attention it is hoped that it is not too late for some kind of sensible intervention. Below is my contribution, also entered on The Free Press website and a small piece on The BBC North East Wales website.

What do I think about Most Haunted coming to Denbigh? I think that the publicity it has brought to a most beautiful building, with a highly relevant social history set in the wonderful Vale of Clwyd, has opened up the country’s eyes to a jewel in the landcape.
The opinions and feelings about the Most Haunted programme itself, are in a sense superfluous, unless of course you want to encourage a distraction from the main issue. Latching on to the attention grabbing phrases used on the programme is most definitely a distraction. It is the preservation of the building that most people care about.
There will always be debate about the history of our mental institutions, as there quite rightly should be. It is important to continue to remember the wrongs as well as the rights. The debate should not detract from the preservation of this most significant period in the history of our health services and the most stunning example. The North Wales Hospital. Probably by now, all old Asylums are out of use. In less than a generation they will be forgotten. They shouldn’t be. Our fascination with our industrial heritage, our royal heritage, our mining and agricultural heritage and much more, is nurtured by the foresight of the people who preserved the buildings and maintained the memories. Please don’t let our health heritage in the form of this magnificent building in such a magnificent setting, crumble into nothing.

Good luck. I will keep looking in and hope I will be able to assist if there is a positive outcome.

Clwyd Wynne
03 November 2008 12:00:56
It was Dei Bri (cemetry house) who wrote in about the marquee in Pensarn not Dei Bryn.
Dei Bryn is currently on a ten week course called " HOW TO TURN YOUR COMPUTER ON"
I know I'm safe to tell people this because he is only a few weeks into the course so he hasn't qualified yet.
If you, or anyone else, have any more little anecdotes why don't you do them for our Memories section.
Johnathan Prescott
02 November 2008 22:08:19
Hello Everyone.
I attended the Most Haunted LIVE! Investigation at the Hospital on 31st for Halloween.
This building is a beautiful piece of history, and it is an absolute shame what has happened to this NATIONAL TREASURE!!! As previsouly stated I heard what Kieron had to say each night about the state of the building, and how could the local council/councillors let it get in to such disrepair. The stories told to the crowd over the 7 nights of investigations were the most moving and poignant oral histories from the people who worked there, that I have ever seen on Most Haunted before!
This building should and could be made into a building like before that would stand to be the centre of attention in the town of Denbigh, and having a Paranormal group of my own, thinking about it from my point of view could also bring large revenues tot eh location if the building had a museum, with the ex-employees involved, and even more revenue from overnight vigils, allowing other ghost hunters to investigate this IMMENSE and BEAUTIFUL location.
If there is someone out there who as the say, or in some way can get a petition circulating, this building can be saved, however people need to band together and save this building. As you seen over halloween, we have ANTIX Productions, hey even Linving TV backing... A brilliant website that represents the people whom worked or stayed at this wonderful place... SAVE DENBIGH HOSPITAL!!!
Aj Bromley kent
02 November 2008 20:54:31
I also saw this building on Most Haunted, the build is a mess now but still beautiful why cant they save it. I am sure they could make it into a history site or a hotel or something, its got to be better than knocking it down.
From this site i see so many worked and loved the place. I do hope they wont pull it down. I wish you all the luck to stop this and if you need people to sign to stop it please feel free to send it to me i would be glad to put my name down to stop this =}
Leta Clarke (nee Roberts}
02 November 2008 17:43:50
Hi Clwyd
Thankyou so much for the photo of my dad Harold. I would really appreciate if you could e.mail the photo to me. Also if you also remember my sister Olive who worked in the shop for many years. Sadly she died in Feb 2007. I don't suppose there is a photo of herby any chance.i will be in touch as soon as i find these photos I know i have something of interest. Kind regards
Roger Hadwin
02 November 2008 16:40:09
I'm replying to both Dei Bryn & Deborah - I was under canvas in Pensarn that year when the main marquee collapsed; unfortunately, the previous night we were in a pub in Pensarn where I was entertained by a local female. John Maldwyn said he'd cover for me until 7.15am, but if I was late, "You're on your own". Walking back from Pensarn, around 6.45am in howling winds, nearly died when I saw the marquee collapsed; thankfully, Jack Roberts was still in denial, so jumped in and assisted with the rescue. Throughout the day, amidst all the confusion, Will Rhosgadfan went missing & as we were all engrossed in the clear up, didn't notice until he was seen hanging out of a window on the Holyhead bound train. He managed to get on the Irish Ferry [without money] and remained at large for four days until he turned up @ a local hospital requesting 'brainfood'. Thankully, he came to no harm and was returned to Denbigh.

Deborah - I've fond memories of your dad, he certainly was a character. Cyril was very much a family man & worked all hours either selling his wares or exchanging certain magazines for the lads in the nurses home. I often wonder if Richard Branson had been made aware of your Dad's enterprising skills. I left the hospital in 1972 to work abroad and on my return worked for Social Services. Can't remember what year it was, late seventies, early eighties, but attended a seminar in either Builth or Llandridnod Wells. Tom Lewis & Daffydd Blaenau were there, so it was a mini reunion. We decided to call in Cyrils' shop on the way back home, which was the last time I saw him. The one thing he mentioned, was the strong bond we all had during those years at Denbigh. Anyway, good to read comments about old friends; I'm sure there'll be plenty more.
Steve Gough
01 November 2008 20:51:59
Hi Clwyd - spot on I left the hospital beginning of 87 and spent 17yrs in the ambulance service - I now work in a special needs school in Llandudno.It was at the hospital I met my wife Wendy Gough-Hughes who left in 91 to work at Bodnant e.m.i.(sadly Wendy passed away suddenly in 04)After qualifying in 82 I worked in Bryn Golau - with Sister Rose,Dave Gardner,Mike Williams and Dai Bleanau - the boss of course was Dai Bryn.
Stuart Williams
01 November 2008 20:17:18
Hi Guys , Just wanted to say i drove up on friday for Hallowen and saw for myself the state of disrepair the wonderful building has . What a shame such building has been left to rack and ruin by the council . I'm sure it could be turned into a fantastic hotel etc . Speaking to some local people it used to be the main employer and still could be if the right people take it over . What a waste . I only hope that Most Haunted and Karl can drawn enough attention to this sad neglected building and get enough attention to sort it out . We can only hope !
01 November 2008 20:11:03
I must say that it is heartbreaking to see such an AMAZING building, a place that did so much good, be allowed to get in such a state. And the fact that this is going to be demolished is ludicrous! The people of Denbigh should be fighting tooth and nail to keep this place and have it restored. I spent the night in the Hospital last night on the set of Most Haunted Live and it is just AWE INSPIRING! If the money for the new developments was plowed into restoration the possibilities for that building and the town of Denbigh would be endless.
I am advised, rightly or wrongley I do not know, that this land was given to the PEOPLE of Denbigh in the 1840's...How then has the COUNCIL managed to claim it and sell it on? The people of Denbigh should be demanding the return of THIER land.
If this is how I feel after just one night in the building then I can only imagine how all of the ex staff and residents must be feeling. After events last night it is obvious that nobody, dead or alive, wants this enchanting place to be leveled to the ground.
01 November 2008 20:10:30
I too have been watching Most Haunted and seen the atrocities that have befallen this once beautiful building. The government are guilty of neglect & should be made to account for such disgraceful, willful neglect. WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET THIS BUILDING THE RESPECT & DIGNITY THAT IT RIGHTLY DESERVES!!!!!!?
Deborah Evans
01 November 2008 11:28:02
Dear clwyd wynne and Peter Wilson thank you both very much for replying to my e mail about my dad i know he was a bit of a charactor and i know he made many good friends while he worked at the hospital who he never forgot about, it is such a shame that he isnt here to see your wonderful web site im sure he would have had many happy memories from it.I also had a very nice reply from Daffydd Jones so thank you to him also, I will send you the photos im sure you will recognise who is with dad, best wishes to you from debbie
31 October 2008 22:36:33
Please fight to stop the demolition of this butifull building. too many people destroy important structures like this.
Peter Wilson
31 October 2008 17:39:19
Just replying to two previous notes: First to Owenna Perrin (nee Roberts). Yes, your mother Margaret (lemon) Roberts did work with me on F7b ward in the late 60s or early 70s. I have many happy memories of those days. Second to Deborah Evans, I'm sure there will be many who remember your Dad Cyril woking in the hospital.I knew him from when he was a young boy, as we lived quite close to him in Aberystwyth, before either of us went to work in Denbigh. He was quite a character!
Clwyd Wynne
31 October 2008 16:30:52
Hi Deborah
I am sure that many staff remember Cyril, he was quite a character. There is a photograph of him if you go to More Photographs on the site he is with a group of friends in the nurses home. If you are able to email or send your photos to us we may be able to help to identify the staff.
Clwyd Wynne
31 October 2008 16:21:31
Hi Stephen
Thank you for getting in touch. I hope that some of the staff who worked with you will make contact. I do remember you but I can't recall where you went from the hospital - was it the ambulance service? It is surprising how many ex staff recall their time in the hospital as being the best of their working life.
31 October 2008 12:50:38
yes!!! even tho i aint seen the buliding in real life only seen it on most haunted but i like history and so many people are right why let a beautiful buliding that could be redone go down! all the other places that need taking down but they will leave them to last but this one should nt go! save it!!!! i would love to help save the buliding.
Deborah Evans
31 October 2008 11:04:41
I would like to know if anyone remembers my late father Cyril Evans. He was a male nurse at the hospital until we moved to Aberystwyth in 1972 i have very fond memories of going to the christmas parties with dad. If anyone has any stories or memories i would be very grateful to hear them i have also got some photos of dad and some of his fellow nurses but i dont know who they are.
31 October 2008 08:23:46
Hi Guys, Feel so sad for that wonderful building, i am orginally from Mold and i remember visiting my aunt there when i was a child. I am thinking that maybe with Most Haunted drawing attention to it, some good may come out of it and the main part of the building saved, Heres hoping!!!
30 October 2008 22:02:31
i have also been watching most huanted and its made me want t learn a bit more about the building but i must ask why let such a beautiful building get it to such a state why don't the goverment use the money that they are using to demolish it when they could use it to resotre the buliding
Ruth Jones
30 October 2008 21:00:07
Hello!! I too have been watching most haunted just to see the hospital as it stands now. My dad (Gareth Williams) worked in the NW Hospital and on many occassion did i come there to attend parties etc, I always remember how stunning the building was and to see it now how run down it has gone is a disgrace, the council should be ashamed of themselves! This building should not be demolished to be replaced with even more homes that are not required. SAVE THE HOSPITAL thats what I say!! Rather than councilors moaning about the Most haunted show they should put there efforts into saving the building that they are protecting in the papers!! All talk and no action!
Justin H
30 October 2008 17:46:10
Hi Clwyd, Just found the site whilst trying to find out information on the net about the plans for the building.
We must do something to save this building from demolishion. We must start a petition or something. We cant sit back and watch a piece of history and such beautifull architecture dissapear.
I have lived within 5 miles of Denbigh all my life and like everything else locally, you take it for granted. I thank the team from most haunted as they are getting the place recognised for what it is. Live on TV they are saying night after night that it would be a shame for such a place to be demolished.
Come on everyone, lets do something we can be proud of..
Best regards
Anthony Glanfield
29 October 2008 19:26:35
I have been watching Most Haunted. Dual reason, I am interested in the paranormal; but, most importantly I trained in a large mental hospital. I trained as a RMN from 1980 to 1983, at Whittingham, Preston.

I have been so moved by the programe. Its closeness to Whittingham, and the state the pair of them have been left, is beyond words!

I looked on your web site, and found the brilliant pictures you added as a show. The music is brilliant; would like to know what piece it is?

Keep these memories coming, of what was real mental health care!!!!!
Julie Wharton
29 October 2008 13:10:21
I was a patient in Brynhyfryd Villa - part of the hospital in the 1970's. I'd be interested to hear from anyone with memories from that time.
29 October 2008 00:54:49
Hi, I was among the last ever patients at the hospital when I was 20, I remember wondering around the main building and just being completely in awe of it!
It could seem so ghostly back then, as there were so few patients left that you could wonder around and barely se anyone! The hospital is a defining moment of my life, my 3 months there help me gave me a lot of scope to define myself and start my life again!
I was heartbroken when I saw pictures of how it had been so vandalised! The hospital was such a beatiful yet haunting place!
Clwyd Wynne
29 October 2008 00:05:21
Hi Leta
Yes I do remember Harold very well and we do have a photo of him, working in the stores, which I have asked Dafydd to put on the site for you to see. If you want a copy of it I will send one to you by email or snail mail, just let me know. I will tell Sian that you have been in touch.
All the best
Cindy Andrews
28 October 2008 18:00:49
Looking at most haunted really brought back long ago memories of the hospial. I remember visiting my uncle ther when my sister and I were very young. Seeing the great hall made it all come back to me that is where we would sit for visiting. My uncle was called Charles Ward from Wrexham and was there for most if his adult life. Do any of the ex nursing staff have any recolection of him I wonder? It would be about the early 1940's up till he died in Bodelwydden Hospital in the mid 80's. If anyone does recall it would be lovely to hear form you. Regards Cindy.
28 October 2008 12:50:48
i must say that after watching most haunted i feel sick that they could make a joke out of that beautiful place . i feel that not only are they disrespecting the hospital but the patients and staff who lived and worked there this nonsense has to STOP and let the hospital and its memorys die with some dignity
Clwyd Wynne
28 October 2008 10:26:03
I would like to thank my agent, Bob Neale for clarifying this issue and hope that I now stop getting begging letters from people who think I am earning a fortune as a football manager and abusive letters from the fans of other football clubs.
Stephen Gough-Hughes
28 October 2008 09:34:17
Hi Clwyd - only just discovered the site and would love to catch up with colleagues.Worked in the hospital from 1981 - 1987 and have to say they were without doubt the best years of my working career.
28 October 2008 02:57:58
I'm part of an Urban Exploration team based on the Wirral. We chose to visit Debigh as a team to have a look round this fantastic building.

We were sad to see the current condition of the building. But we have many great photographs of how it currently stands.

Will be a real shame when areas of the complex get demolished in the very near future.

If admin would like any of these photos, please send me an email
michelle jones
27 October 2008 14:44:36
i worked in the catering dept from 1985-1995 and after watching most haunted have 2 say, why have the powers that be!!! left this once great building 2 rot as it has, it is so disheartening 2 see it as it now is, and have fond memories of when i worked there with dai ego, eric llannsannan, john wynne, roger smith bryn killer, stew clark,among many others. what a shame 2 let it go like this!!!
Bob Neale
27 October 2008 14:36:19
I,ve been asked by the committee to state once and for all that there is no truth in the rumour that Clwyd Wynne is now managing Chelsea Football Club!
26 October 2008 22:28:18
I've been watchin Most Haunted and can't believe they are demolishing such a beautiful building, is there nothing that can be done? It's such ashame so much history has to turn to rubble!
Leta Clarke (nee Roberts}
26 October 2008 13:42:59
Hi Clwyd
Do you remember my dad Harold he worked in the stores as the storekeeper for years. Do you have any photos? I live in spain now but i will look in case I have any old photos. I have fond memories of the childrens christmas party's I went to with your sister Sian.
26 October 2008 12:34:24
like many others I watched mosthaunted last night. I was amazed that such a beautiful building has been left to rot! i have been warmed by the content of your web site and the amazing commoradery of the staff. I sincerely hope the plans for the future of the building is one that the people of the town want and deserve. I wish you well with your endevours. Sue, Wolverhampton
Samantha Taggart (nee Smith)
26 October 2008 11:38:47
I worked in NWH from 1987 until its closure in 1995. Are there any plans for a reunion? I worked with Kay Hemsley, David Hinchliffe, Ken Williams, to name but a few. Had the best days of my working life working there, the building was full of character and the people were great.
Owena Perrin nee Roberts
26 October 2008 01:52:31
Have just been watching Most Haunted so I thought I'd have a look on the web about my old hometown. It was great to find this website and to be able to recognise names that I had heard from my parents as I was growing up. Oh yes, forgot to say my mum used to work at the hospital till she retired (she passed away 4 years ago). Her name was Margaret Roberts (lemon was her nickname!!!) and I think she worked with Peter Wilson? There are others also I remember from school - Roger Beedles and Bob Neale was my friends brother.
Keith Warburton
24 October 2008 04:06:39
With regard to the young man's request for a photo of his father (John the barber) . He appears in the photograph of a soccer team taken in 1957 or 1958. Among people on that team photograph (a copy is amongst the folder I received at the Brookhouse Mill) are:- Cyril Roberts, Sam Jones, Syd Badland, Keith Edwards,Clwyd Prydderch, Tom Kelly and Les Gatward (back row) . In front are Jack Roberts, J the B, Paddy Montgomery, Norman Williams ans me. I hope you can get him a copy. Yours etc. eith
Nigel Hughes
23 October 2008 19:22:27
Congratulations on producing such an interesting and historically important site. So many names ring bells when reading the posted comments. One for the memoirs section - Who said this "Do you know me, you know me alright, course you know me, piece of cake knows me, can you pee the bed (language more choice) I can pee the bed too - followed by a right hook
Clwyd Wynne
23 October 2008 17:05:40
Hi Ben There is a photo of your mother in her younger days if you go to photographs and then More Photographs she is second from the left standing in the photo of Female 6 staff 1966.
bob neale
22 October 2008 11:19:40
Hello Marylin ,it was Ken Ellis Jim Owen ,sadly no longer with us,Keith Roberts ,Dei Bri and Ivor Roberts.Hard work but among the best days of my life.I dont look a day older how about you?
21 October 2008 12:30:13
all this about most haunted, in the eleven or so years i worked there i never saw or heard a thing that was out of the ordinary
Ben Jones
18 October 2008 19:55:22
Hello, i am just curious, as to know if anybody has old pictures of my mother and father who both worked in NWH, JJJones(photographer), and Lynda Jones(Davies), thank you.
Nick Bourne, BBC Local
16 October 2008 13:43:36
Hi, I'm interested to know people's thoughts about TV's Most Haunted hosting a programme from the Hospital over Halloween. More info:
Marilyn (Mal) Owen
11 October 2008 12:18:16
I found the web site by accident. Looking for date of Maelor Hosp Nurses reunion. Hello Dei Bri Cemetry house, Bob Neale I remember when you and ? Ellis when you all came to Wxm to gain your RGN. Clwyd Wynn was allocation officer then.
Dei Bri
08 October 2008 19:42:15
Does anyone else remember the patients’ holidays in Persarn, when they slept on beds in large marquees? The late Jack Roberts was camp commandant! He slept in a brick built office, the rest of us under canvas apart from the chefs, they were in proper rooms. I remember the year we had a wind and rain storm overnight and both marquees collapsed. The staff were having breakfast and Alan Bradshaw came in to tell Jack Roberts that the large marquee was coming down, he was given a short shift and told to be gone! The third time he came in he said ‘Mr. Roberts the big tent has come down’ it had and some of the patients were still lying on their beds under the wet canvas. That was the end of the camp for that year. Oh what fun was had.
06 October 2008 22:22:22
Ive just learnt that this bueatiful building is goin to be demolished what is the council thinking of ? I think the idea is total madness (excuse the pun)
10 September 2008 13:05:54
In the comment made by Russell Edwards, he put the word killer in brackets after Bryn Roberts name. Why was that?
Adrain Rogers
26 August 2008 14:02:34
Steve Francome - my uncle Mr Eric Williams worked at Garthangharad in the 70's and lived in the lodge in the grounds just past the Hospital (West Lodge ?) Not sure when he retired to return to live in Denbigh, Do you have any recollections of him? I remember staying there one summer and watching the patients playing football.
Steve Francombe
21 August 2008 02:53:10
Just stumbled across this site. I used to work as a staff nurse at Garth Angharad Hospital in Penmaenpool, Dolgellau from 1983-6. What has happened to the building and are there photgraphs?
Mr Jones
13 August 2008 14:19:08
hello i am currently looking at NWH and would appreciate any pictures anyone may have! the more the better such an interesting building and history!
P.S. Great job on site!
11 August 2008 23:02:21
just came across the site worked in the hospital in 77/79 best time of my young life! remember well clwyd stuart jones paul (woodwork) bob niele great chargenurses glad to hear you are all well so sad to see the hospital now
best wishes to you all
04 August 2008 00:34:25
Hi just found this site ive spent some time recently looking up this hospital and decided to take a trip i was sad to see this beautiful building in such a way i have some pics if anyone is interested.
JXEUJStephen Lansdell
02 August 2008 20:04:54
Thanks for this site it should help us old nwh staff make contact with the old crowd.please get in touch if anyone remembers me,
Eleri Wyn Williams
07 July 2008 23:35:28
What a great site,and now I live in Spain with my husband Gwyn it gives me great pleasure to read all the comments and view the photos.Many a day I have feelings of `hiraeth` and look back on the happy days working at the North Wales Hospital.My parents Tommy(cobbler) and Freda( ward sister) both worked there until their retirements.My dad especially told me many a good tale !Tony Laff and Lynda are here on holiday at the moment and as you can imagine we`re very nostalgic about our working days.Poor old Gwyn just listens! How nice that Keith and Pat Warburton were over,and everyone got together.We were neighbours for a couple of years in Abbey Court .Denbigh.Tony and Lnda say they had a good night catching up with everyone.Well take care all out there,and I`m glad I`ve found your site.
mike roberts
12 June 2008 11:39:15
excellent web found out about this from cliff golf club i was a porter in the hospital from 1978-91 my best memories come from there keep up the good work all the best
Robin Holden
06 June 2008 11:37:41
Great website Clwyd and co., well done. Had a trip down memory lane myself a couple of weeks back when I bumped into Dai Bryn, John Davey and Clwyd in the Royal Alex Hospital in Rhyl, where they were busy archiving notes. Is it really 35 years ago since Dai Bryn and Tom Lewis inducted me into the noble art of psychiatric nursing! All the Best. Robin
Bob Neale
04 June 2008 09:34:08
I had the pleasure of attending Grenville Roberts,s 80th birthday celebration at the Rugby Club recently. The place was full of his old colleages and his family. It was a complete surprise to him.Nice to see people like Tony Roberts, Tom Lewis,Arnie Ainslie John Wynne and Mr John Davey Williams and Gwylim Pearce all enjoying tea and cakes in the afternoon. What ever happened to sex drugs and rock and roll?
Shan Jones (nee Evans)
01 June 2008 21:02:58
Nice to see my Pts 81 on the site;happy memories of the time spent in the NWH;Rowena a memory clinic nurse at the maelor. Jan i think is still in Canada,Roger a liaison nurse in Bangor and i'm a CPN in Dolgellau.the last i heard about Dewi was he worked in the prison service,how about a get together? thanks to all involved with the site

(see photo at 'On Line Reunion' page)
John Gwynedd Jones
01 June 2008 11:05:52
hi..i worked at the hospital in 1982 on a work experience for 6 months before starting my RMN in birmingham.I loved it there.I often wander what happened to gwilym pearce who was a charge nurse. there was also marion a staff nurse and kevin the SEN at the day hospital.they helped shape my decision to go nursing .sadly, denbigh was just too close to ruthin.There was also Tom who ran the garden centre. i cannot believe the tragedy of what has happened to the building.Many people here in Vancouver now know about the hospital. thanks..........John
Clwyd Wynne
29 May 2008 07:27:54
Nice to hear from the two youngsters Roger and Dei Bri. With regard to the planned football reunion Dei, we have not yet set a date but we will be having one some time this year. Thanks for the story Roger, many will remember Reg and understand what you mean about fitting into the car, he was a great character. I hope this will prompt others to send in their memories.
Roger Hadwin
22 May 2008 20:17:37
Never thought I'd suffer from a bout of nostalgia, only found out about the site last Sunday; what a stroll down memory lane [perhaps that should be Love Lane]. Shame to see the hospital looking so delapidated, I've some fond memories of old freinds and Denbigh. Well done to both Clwyd & Dei Blaenau; have spent an hour on the site, not quite filling up but, savouring some of the images & clips.

Clwyd, you were asking for any anecdotes / memories. The one occassion which sticks in my mind is, one Christmas [Late sixties] working with Arnie Ainseley, who bet me I couldn't get Reg Bostock in my car and visit him at home on Christmas morning. Reg hadn't been out of the hospital for years, if indeed ever. At the time I had a MG Midget and for those who remember Reg, quite a tall man. Arnie lost the bet, Reg and I had a pleasurable half an hour on Christmas morning, and he behaved like the perfect gent. Keep up the good work.
Dai Bri or Dei Cemetry House
16 May 2008 20:07:16
Tom Lewis told my sister Jean that there is a reunion of the football team being planned, when I had a pub lunch with Stuart Lloyd Jones last night in Abernethy (Scotland) he said that the date was in June, can anyone conifrm the date and is any reprobate allowed to turn up? Best wishes.
Clwyd Wynne
09 May 2008 20:47:55
Thanks for your comments Cliff, did you mean senti-mentalists. I should say that the technical brains behind this site is Dafydd Lloyd Jones or Dei Blaenau as he is known to his friends. Without his hard work and know-how we would never have got the site up and running and improving all the time. I am indebted to him for his support, not only on this website but in many other projects that we have worked on together. We would be pleased to hear from others as we would one day like to think about some kind of reunion. If you have any comments about this or the website, good or bad, we would like to hear from you. Best wishes to you all. Clwyd
cliff roberts
07 May 2008 20:08:17
found out about this site from roger beedles who is the present captain of denbigh golf club where i do the catering i think clwyd is doing a great job giving us old mentalites the opportunity to rekindle some great memories of this once great institution
gtcHaydn Jones
02 May 2008 13:10:19
In response to Clwyd regarding ex staff accessing the hospital site i am able to put a few names forward.
John Thomas N.S.W.
Gordon, Viv Reid N.S.W,and Viv sister Alison
Brian Evans,Nefyn Jones & Ken Ellis.
John,Gorden & Viv are still in touch with Denbigh,John hopes to come over late next year and meet up with some of the old boys.

Roger Beedles
23 April 2008 11:26:19
Hi Clwyd,
Many thanks for stopping at the petrol station the other day and providing me with the url for the website, accessed and all very interesting - you can take the man out of Denbigh but you can't take the Denbigh out of the man! Brings back many happy memories, halcion days of learning, fun and comaraderie. Best wishes to one and all, I trust you all have had the success in life the North Wales Hospital certainly prepared me for. My tenure: 1970 - 1976, 1978/79 and then I was gone.
Mair Jones
13 April 2008 17:01:04
Annwyl pawb / Dear all

I have only just found out about this site and think it's a great idea, so im just introducing myself. Im a Denbigh girl and spent my early childhood literally a stone throw away from the Hospital as my family lived in King's Mills, the other side of the hospital. My father, David Jones worked at the Hospital and my sisters and i have distinct early memories of the hospital. We remember getting dressed up and going to the Christmas parties in the Great Hall, they were marvellous parties!

I remember the rabbit hutches by the steps. I remember being really scared of the old engine room, where Dad worked, with it's noisy pistons and the coal fires. We used to dread going in there to take Dad his sandwiches for lunch!

It's good to have found this site and i look forward to being part of it's network.

I care full time for my parents in Denbigh now and when i have time, i often walk around the Hospital and even wander in around the buildings if the front gate happens to be open!

I feel strongly that the Building needs to be preserved. Congratulations on your site.

Yr eiddoch yn gywir

Mair Jones
Bob Neale
11 April 2008 15:53:53
I forgot to mention yesterday that I met Mike Maloney in the the Llindir Inn two weeks ago.He looks really well, in fact had he been wearing a grey suit and carrying a torch he wouldnt have looked any different than he did when I was on nights in 1975,well not much anyway!Oh by the way if anybody,s interested in catching up on old times my carer takes me to the Railway every Saturday night!
Bob Neale
10 April 2008 18:08:57
Love the old photos! Arnie, that beard is terrifying!Nice to read Haydn talking about old sporting icons,I still drink with some of them. Ian Jones,Roger Jones.Haydn,and Dai Bryn to name a few.Dei Bri cemetry house is now a scotsperson but still in touch,now there was an icon if there ever was and it didnt matter which shape of ball!He,s now a grandfather with bad knees living in fyffe.As for myself and Roger we are seriously considering a comeback, we may have lost half a yard but the spirit is still there,well it was last saturday night when we discussed it last. Watch this space!
Haydn jones
10 April 2008 10:28:07
Great to see the recent photo sent in by Mel Davies of the hospital rugby team which i think is 1971/72 season.Some of the boys still live locally,but with less hair!.
Although Mel occassiongly tried to fill a rugby shirt [not] he was known mostly for his football exploits,and im sure Mel wont mind me saying he was also known for turning up late for kickoff,his late tackles and being late for work!.
Hopefully Mels recent comments will spur on ex sporting icons from all teams that proudly represented the hospital over the years. Best wishes Haydn Jones
mark h
29 March 2008 12:39:45
after watching denbigh mental on granada years ago weve been fascinated with the place even came to the book launch bought book and dvd and visited the place last year a really bad shame to such a nice place in such a state .as a ref to a comment writen by russel edwards 2007 the person who took is own life of the chimney could possibly my fathers friend and work colleague who was submited to denbigh mental after becoming heavinly in debt in the early 80s and also took his own life by climbing up a chimnley at denbigh hospital my father speaks very highly of this person and says it was such a sad loss. its such a shame to see a building holding so many peoples memories happy or sad in such decay it should be made into a memorial place
Peter Glynn
19 March 2008 23:43:48
Just to say what an excellent talk given today by Clwyd Wynne about the work done by the North Wales Hospital Historical Society. This was at the Hospital Archives event at Brookhouse Mill. We are very lucky to have such dedicated people willing to give their time to help preserve our history.
Just a note to say a word about Mrs. Doris Boycott , the Warden in the Nurses Home who has sadly passed away a few days ago. I came here in '74 aged 16 and I was a long way from home. I was well looked after by Mrs. Boycott and I am very grateful to her and will never forget her kindness.
Did you know that as a Cadet living in , I was entitled to free meals ( up to 4 a day - breakfast was the full monty , lunch , tea and supper) and a cup of tea before bed time. I was required to be back in the Home by 10 pm and in my room by 10.30pm.
tim jones
19 March 2008 03:49:40
I was brought up in Denbigh, and as a youngster used to visit an uncle who was a frquent visitor. At about the age of 13 I was ecouraged to join the hospital band by Dick Williams' the bands conductor at the time and stayed with them playing euphonium for about 3 years , enjoying the weekly patient dances on a wednesday night and playing on sunday processions during Denbigh's high days.
This was in the late 60s and early 70s .On leaving school I moved away and my next contact with the hospital was as a general student nurse in Wrexham in 1976 when I was on placement there, this I found to be a very friendly and helpful time that I realy enjoyed.
Unfortunatly about nine months later I became unwell and was voluntarily admitted to Brynhyfryd ward ,then run by Wyn Jones who went on to run the unit at Wrexham .
All 3 of my experiences ,athough vastly different , have left me feelling what a loss it has been to North Wales, so much for progress
Clwyd Wynne
15 March 2008 12:09:01
The number of people accessing the site is increasing all the time. It would be really interesting to hear from people about their interest in the hospital and about their experiences there. Stories and anecdotes will be good. If we are to maintain the interest in the history of what was probably one of the most important establishments in North Wales we need your contributions, so please send them in they are really important.
There is to be a meeting on Wednesday this week with several eminent people attending to discuss what is described as one of the best and most comprehensive archives of a hospital in the UK. We will put a report on this site in the near future.
If you have any ideas about improving or making the site more interesting please let us know.
Best wishes to all friends and ex-colleagues.
Nigel Roberts
20 February 2008 19:32:50
Nice to see the site revamp: The photo links and the video links are excellent. Morfydd and Mary's photos in particular, As an ex 'Gwynedd CPN' I have fond recollections of my trips to Denbigh. I worked in Dwyfor with Elwyn Jones, and Mel Davies in the 1980s. It's funny seeing a young Colin Peters and Robin Holden etc..good pics of 'Sir Ifor' what happened to him ?.
Dafydd, Clwyd keep up the good work
Pob Hwyl
08 February 2008 10:17:23
I would just like to say a fond farewell to Sister Cathy Carr who was such a rock to the service for so many years.I wish you well Cathy.
Debbie, LYG
Brenda Williams/Heyward
24 January 2008 20:18:47
Just to say I have found your site very interesting indeed. My father Les Heyward worked at the North Wales Hospital until his death in 1971. He also played in the hosptial band. My brother-in-law worked there. His name is Eifion Williams now lives in Worksop Notts, and still working. My two sons and also my Uncle Derick my fathers brother worked there. It saddens me to find the old hospital in such a state, as it gave a lot of work to a lot of people, and also great care an dedication from all the staff. Keep up the site it is good to see. Best Wishes Brenda Williams.
douglas austin
17 January 2008 23:16:20
David Williams
15 December 2007 00:00:00
Discovering this site has been a nostalgic trip for me. I was a student/staff nurse at Denbigh Mental Hospital between 1959 - 1962 before I left to become a mental welfare officer. It was the most formative period of my life and it has been quite exciting to read about others referring to it in similar terms. Unfortunately, I have only kept in touch with Ted Bythell, who was the 'best man' at my wedding in London. I will be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me from that time - contact me via this website.
Robert Neville Jones
27 November 2007 00:00:00
Hi, everyone. Nice to see Clwyd Wynne is still (gainfully?) employed. The time I spent as pharmacy manager in the 1990s was the of my working life. As a pharmacist I felt that I could make a real contribution to patient care, especially when compared to the hectic pace in a general hospital such as Glan Clwyd. If anyone would like to contact me they can probably do so through this site. By the way, I still sometimes see Myfanwy from Afallon and Sister Cathy Carr (from everywhere!) when I'm around Mold. Hwyl Fawr! Bob the Pill
Peter Wilson
26 October 2007 00:00:00
Just to let you know how much I enjoy visiting this site - looking at the old photographs certainly brings back a lot of memories. I am sure that there must be hundreds 'out there' who have memories and stories that would be of interest to others, so why not share them.
Many of you will remember that until 1966, the hospital was run as two seperate units - male and female, with the Chief Male Nurse running the male side, and the Matron running the female side. The only time there was integration (officially) was at dances etc. In 1966, an advert came out inviting male nurses to apply to work on the female wards as 'Deputy Sisters' Three male staff nurses were appointed as a 'pilot scheme' - George Dunn, Eddie Edwards and myself. After three months when we had experience on a number of the wards, Eddie became Charge Nurse on 7a ward, George on Afallon ward and me on 7b ward. I think most of the female staff welcomed us, but some of the older ones - particularly the Ward Sisters, were a bit dubious at first because as well as being men, two of us were also SRNs! Anyway, it seemed to work, and gradually more and more integratiion occured. Anyone else got memories of the early days of integration?
My ward (7b) became Elwy Ward, and started the Token Economy Scheme. Any ex Elwy Ward staff out there who would like to get in touch with your memories of the early days?
Thanks to Dafydd and Clwyd for a great site.
Gordon Tozer
09 October 2007 00:00:00
I'd lost track of this lovely document. I believe that sites like this are a vital resource and a historical treasure. Mental healthcare provision has gone through many transitions in the past two decades; the debate might well be just how much progress has been made?
04 October 2007 00:00:00
I have just discovered that my ancestor died at the asylum in 1910. She was a schoolteacher, born in Scotland, who lived, married and had children in New Zealand before settling in Ruthin. She is on the 1901 census as staying at the Bogangharad Farm. Would there be any hospital/patient records for that period and if so are they accessible to the public or relatives? Does anyone know if this farm was associated with the asylum in any way?
Adrian Rogers
31 July 2007 00:00:00
Just been browsing through photos and with reference to Garth Angharad in Dollgellau. My Uncle Mr.Eric Williams (from Denbigh) worked there and lived with his wife Gwyneth (my Fathers sister) and son Ray in one of the lodges there (East & West ???) . after retiring they returned to Denbigh. Not sure if Eric worked at Denbigh Hospital at any time but many of my relations did, surnames of Rogers, Bartley, Wynne, Owen, Evans to name a few all from Denbigh/Henllan. Nice to read other comments that bring back memoriesstories that have been passed onto me by my father Robert (Bob) Rogers
Russell Edwards
31 July 2007 00:00:00
I remember a horrible incident while working in the kitchens, while having a cup of tea outside, a patient climbed the chimney and let go, i had nightmares for weeks after, does anyone else remember this,? i think it could of been 1980
Beryl Jones(Williams)
25 July 2007 00:00:00
Having been out for a meal to Llandyrnog this evening I met Peter Wilson who directed me to the site as my photo is on it.What a lovely surprise and how the memories came flooding back on seeing it.Thank You Clwyd and Dafydd for an amazing walk down memory lane.
Trish Dynes
12 July 2007 00:00:00
I now live in Spain and work as a writer. I was a patient in the hospital in the admission ward in 1978. I was admitted with post-natal depression and was later moved to one one of the mother and baby rooms in Gwynfryn. If I had not had that sanctuary and kindness my life would, I believe have been totally different. I am now writing a novel based not only about the life changing experience I had there but also the circumstances that led me there, the comradeship of the brave women I met there and how I turned my life around and refused to be a victim. I am sad to see the phographs of Denbigh as it is today. ( I particularly remember Tony, a social worker)
29 June 2007 00:00:00
talking of ghosts -------------well i remember as a student on nights in Bryn Golau and Raymond Bartley asked me to visit the mortuary------------when i got there the place was open but in darkness-----------when i went for the light switch i felt this cold wet hand and dissapeared back to Bryn Golau like a tornado
Clwyd Wynne
23 June 2007 00:00:00
I think that you Mike are the one on the left next to Dick Ha Ha, please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks to Keith for the info I do now recognise Gwyneth who is the girl on the right but did not remember that her maiden name was Parryand I think the other girl is Shirley Roberts . I did know that Arnie and Gwyneth are coming over as I see Gwyneth quite often in the Gym in Denbigh, she is doing really well. I hope you all enjoy the wedding and I am sure they will enjoy their stay. All the best Clwyd
Delwyn Evans
20 June 2007 00:00:00
nice to see we have found Michael Williams from my PTS i am sure most of us are around somewhere.
Like most of us reirement came to me in 1999
After leaving Denbigh in 1965 went to Barnet in North London to do my General training then to Birmingham to do Child psychiatry.
Following that I went to Leicester for 27rs and trained as a District Nurse and promoted to management before retiring.
The only person from my old days in Denbigh that i regularly chat to is John Arthur Owen
It would be so encouraging if the old Feb62 PTS could have a reunion dinner one day and chat about old times and see where we are now???????
Michael Williams
19 June 2007 00:00:00
What a fasinating web site. Yes Sandra and I are still in Ynys Mon. Llanallgo just above Moelfre in house called Y Berth. So if anyone is passing feel free to drop in! Can you believe it was 1993 since retiring? It is great to see all the past photos ( I am sure I must have some lurking. I know Sandra has still got a photo of Paul Gilligan and Roger Morgan in Students uniform! ( 1982 ). By the way I cant recognise myself in the PTS photo! I became a CPN when I came to the Island and last year recieved a Lifetime Achievment Award at the MH awards in Cardiff. So not bad for an old un!!! Anyway I have returned to do a bit of carpentry these days. We are still sailing to various parts of the Scottish islands. So life is not too bad. Great to read all the different stories and to find out how far people have travelled.
Clwyd Wynne
16 June 2007 00:00:00
I have the names of those who were in the same PTS as Delwyn, they were Thomas George Morgan Davies, Michael Williams, Brenda Harley Woodcock, Derek Miles, Norman Victor Smith, Gwyneth Parry and Shirley Roberts. I think that Michael Williams now lives in Moelfre on Ynys Mon. I'm sorry but I cannot put the names to all the people in the photo but I do recognise Michael Williams.
John Arthur Owen
16 June 2007 00:00:00
Reading the comments on this page brought back many memories of R.M.N training at the hospital and recollections of a happy time from September 1960 to 1963 and later when I returned for a shorter period following a post graduate General Nurse training. I havent had much contact with any of the 'old staff' other than Delwyn Evans -Dolgellau and Glyn Lloyd who now lives in Wrexham.
As a benchmark to my time - I remember Jack 'CoedTalon' on Ward 1B who was a Charge Nurse with Cynfi Roberts. I also remember well Harold Price and his very good bass voice. I left the Nursing profession many years ago and spent the last 34 years in social work. 'Ble heddiw mae y plant'?.
Margo Farris
14 June 2007 00:00:00
This week's picture shows Vicky Palin, Doug Steel & Beryl Williams in the back row. Front row faces are so familiar, but I can't put names to them.As always, I get such "Hiraeth" from looking at the site. It brings back lots of memories.
I was saddened to hear of the death of both Noel & Peter. My condolences to their families.
Best wishes to all.
Margo Farris (Williams). Trefnant.
Delwyn Evans
11 June 2007 00:00:00
I miss Denbigh in the early 60s so much. Feb 62 PTS. Fun and happy times living in Nurses Home and drinking in the Crown. Fond feelings of various staff on various wards - and of the dances held on Wednesday evenings and also events held outside the hospital.
woud love to hear from some of u
Pamela Jones
30 May 2007 00:00:00
In response to Clwyd and Haydn's kind words: I would like to publicly thank family, friends, colleagues and the town of Denbigh for all your messages of sympathy and support shown to both our families during the last few weeks. Dad and Noel are greatly missed. Such displays of affection have touched us all very deeply. Heartfelt thanks.
Tony Jones
22 May 2007 00:00:00
Visiting this web site was a great "blast from the past" Have fond memories starting as a Cadet Nurse in 1966. Left the hospital in 1976. Gave me an excellent foundation to progress my nursing career. Retired in April 2006 after 39 years in the NHS and my last 12 years as Executive Nursing Director, North West Wales NHS Trust. An interesting point up to the year 2000 all three Directors of Nursing in North Wales started out at the North Wales Hospital.
Tony Jones
Dai Bri
18 May 2007 00:00:00
What happy memories this site brings, so sad to see the place in it's present state.
Some of the events I remember are putting up the posts at the rugby field from drainage pipes my father aquired from the council yard. The entertainments in the hall, Syd Lawrence, Kenny Ball and Frank Carson.
Haydn Jones
18 May 2007 00:00:00
It was with great sadness that I attended the funerals of brothers Peter and Noel Jones, both Charge Nurses at the N.W.Hospital. It was a great tribute to them both that so many ex staff turned up to pay their last respects. My memory of their kind and compassionate nature will stay with me forever.
Sam Jones
16 May 2007 00:00:00
Just a quick note to say a big thank you to all who attended my Dad`s funeral (Peter Jones) he would have been very proud to know so many people attended. Thank You
Linda Hughes (Morgan)
06 May 2007 00:00:00
It's been 35years since we worked at Denbigh. It was a great place to work and, the training was second to none . It is sad to see the hospital in such a state.
Carys Caisey
18 April 2007 00:00:00
Thank you Clwyd for directing me to this site. It is really sad to see the hospital falling into such a state . If we had known then what we now know, maybe decentralization would have been abandoned and an excellent mental health facility preserved. I am sure there are many photos still in people's cupboards -I intend to pull mine out and send them on.
Ellie Chard
22 March 2007 00:00:00
What a wonderful web site! Seen many familiar faces!

Will visit again soon.
Vicky Sennett
27 February 2007 00:00:00
My late father used to visit Denbigh Mental Hospital as it was known then in his capacity as a consultant neurologist. He was Dr Robert R Hughes (often referred to as "RR"). I remember as a child going to visit with him and my mother on several occasions and during one of those we were the dinner guests of a young Asian doctor and his new wife. I recall that it was the first time I had ever had an Indian(?) meal - it was delicious but seemed very hot at the time!
diana matthews
09 October 2006 00:00:00
Well as you can see from the picture gallery we ALL made it to the reunion of the P.T.S. class of 58.What mixed emotions most of us had - we'd last seen each other as young women and returned as, so as you can imagine we had a lot of catching up to do about lifes joys and sorrows. After a lovely visit to Mrs Hughes or as we knew her Sister Iris we had a lovely meal and just a few wines and then it was reminiscing about the good all days when we were working in "The Mental", looking at our collection of old photographs putting names to faces which between us we named quite a few.It was such a lovely weekend and to any other groups out there you should organise the same as it was as good as any tonic with all the laughter we had. I would like to thank Dafydd for coming to take our photos for the before and after also for not getting too close with the lens,thanks to Elwyn(caretaker) for sparing us the to time to escort us around the once beautiful grounds for a final very sad look, also to Sam Pritchard for putting up with a bunch of cackling old hens in his home for the weekend
19 September 2006 00:00:00
I was at this site yesterday and did a full site visit for the new owners for some work they asked me to do there. I went into the building with the caretaker who showed me around the place, and I was shocked how much of a state this place is in. I would not advise anyone to go in there at all, and to go in there of a night time is utter madness you could quite easily fall to your death. The dry rot is so bad in places now that the floors and the roof will fall in any day now - its just a matter of time, and that's for sure. I will be amazed if it makes it though this winter there. We also took a camera with us and took lots of pictures of the place to help us do are quotes. If no work is started there very soon this place will fall to bits and will be a death trap to any young kids who want to go mess around in there.
Andy Lancelot
23 August 2006 00:00:00
I moved in to the nurses home to begin my training in January 1990 - and I vividly remember carrying my stuff up to room 69 from my car and listening to someone playing Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World" through an open window. I remember thinking how wonderful this was and how symbolic - and then some chap walked past me and hollared at the top of his voice "Oh, the mighty! How they have fallen!!!"

They should plough millions into this place and open it up again - from what I remember it has done more to help people with mental health issues than any of the current medications. If they could bottle Denbigh I think it would cost a lot more than that Risperdal Consta stuff.
28 July 2006 00:00:00
All I can say that it is a real shame that this hospital that helped so many people in the area to feel well and give them a sense of belonging and that made them feel secure has gone. The replacement ward in Bodlewyddan, yes it is very good, but unfortunatley it does not house the same amount of people that Gwynfryn could, the local councils should get together and see what they can fund to re-open the hosipital and maybe they could get funding from the Welsh Assembly and the Lottery Fund. It really is a crying shame to see such a magnificent building and hospital go into this state of repair.
Dafydd Lloyd Jones
24 July 2006 00:00:00
Email received from Irene Evans who now lives in Llandudno

Thank you so much for the DVDs. I've spent a lot of time today viewing one - had to keep pausing it to look at familiar faces! It brought back to me so many happy memories and I will treasure my copy. The other one is going to Viv and Gordon Reid in Australia who also worked at the hospital.
An added pleasure was that there were photographs of all three of us on the DVD!
Makes me sad though to think of the madness that caused the closure of such a fine hospital which helped so many people in so many ways. Also sadness because so many of the staff on the DVD are no longer with us.
I congratulate you, Clwyd and Dai for this recording because if you had not made the effort, these moments may have been lost forever.
Many, many thanks,
stuart Innes-Davies
21 July 2006 00:00:00
My grandfather James Innes (aka Jock) worked at theNorth Wales Hospital as a stoker from 1920 to 1928 and I believe played for the hospital football team. Unfortunately he met a tragic death in 1928 aged 37yrs. I have only one photo of him. He was a very keen and able sportsman competing in many local athletic events. could anyone please help with any information/stories or photos as I beleive he was quite a character!! Thankyou Stuart Innes-Davies
16 July 2006 00:00:00
Thanks for that Keith. The one with the ? I think is Tony Pope's younger brother Ron and Bibs's brother is Wyn Jones. It is nice to hear from you. Have you got any good stories from your Stores days, Nurses Home or Football team or anything else that you can remember about the hospital? We would be interested in hearing them.
Keith L Warburton
08 July 2006 00:00:00
Missing names from photographs-58/59 Football team Emyr Lloyd(Apprentice electician0 He passed away at a very young age. Cricket team Top right Harry Roberts Ch N Ward 1A. 1975 Football team- ? Gwilym Pierce, Bibs brother, Derek Hughes(Rhewl)Clwyd W., Glenn Davies(visited me 2 years ago),Eric Williams. Front row-Melfyn Davies, Lala Edwards, Yours truly, Clifford Roberts, Fred the milk, ?Tony Pope. Hope this helps fill the blanks. If you still wantto borrow photos please let Arnold Ainslie know and I will gladly send the. Yours etc K>W>
Berwyn Williams
06 July 2006 00:00:00
My mother & father (Thomas Alfred and Flo Williams) were both nurses at the hospital since the late 1930's. Most of their friends were nursing staff and it sticks in my mind than whenever their friends were around at 66 Love Lane the conversation inevitably turned to hospital characters and events. I understood this better when, as a student, I worked there for two months and found that the place had its own surreal quality. It is sad to see the condition of the building and it obviouslyrequires some serious investment and imagination to come up with an alternative use.
Flair Birch
25 June 2006 00:00:00
On ebay at present there are 6 copies of a print by an artist called Howard Mitchell of the north wales Hospital, very cheap about £7, my brother has bought me one for my birthday in aug and ive had a sneaky look! and its very nice. The item code is 6604437373 or you can find it by putting North wales hospital in the ebay search engine
martin austin
18 June 2006 00:00:00
i thought planning had gone through for conversion, with such a need for housing every bit of this wonderful building should be kept, its a crown jewel of denbigh
Eryl Aynsley
17 June 2006 00:00:00
My father and mother (Goronwy Lloyd Davies and Betty Davies) nursed at the hospital and I was so glad to find this website. Thank you, Clwyd, Dafydd and everyone else associated with this. It's important to keep the history alive. Dad was a charge nurse (EEG department from 1962 until he retired) and he nursed at "the mental" for more than 40 years. Mam was a sister and was in charge of Afallon from 1965 until she retired, and they met at the hospital in the late '30s. Uncle Arthur and Auntie Mair, and countless old family friends worked there, and it breaks my heart to see the place in such disrepair. It ought to be possible for someone to do something creative with the place. How about a museum in the old Nurses Home, with a bookshop and cafe? Walking and biking trails around the grounds? Football, cricket and tennis facilities for the town. I know most of the building is lost because of neglect and vandalism, but the old hospital is located in a beautiful area and it could be a wonderful resource for the town.
Dewi Poole
14 June 2006 00:00:00
Learnt of this site yesterday - it was nice to see some old faces in the photographs - I have one or two myself from 68/69 taken at the Training School. Is there a link to be able to forward them to the site? I wish you every success with the Historical Society.
Cofion i bawb daethym i adnabod tra yn gweithio yn Ninbych.
06 June 2006 00:00:00
I have just enjoyed looking at the photos and comments sent in from as far as CANADA and as near as my doorstep in Denbigh. What good times we had as well as working hard. So MANY GOOD MEMORIES triggerred by this website.
diana matthews
29 May 2006 00:00:00
regarding photo of pts 1958. from l to r are olwen morris; vera wills;nerys haf jones. thearl??? diana richards, hazel jones and rose matthews these were their maiden names. love the web site keep up the good work
Pamela Jones
24 May 2006 00:00:00
On behalf of the Library and Learning Centre, Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor I would like to thank the historical society and publishers for their generosity in supplying us with a gratis copy of their book. The photographs, anecdotes and memoirs provide a fascinating insight into the life at the hospital and the attention to detail is impressive. On a personal note, being originally from Denbigh myself I am thrilled to see photographes of both my Taid (Sam Jones) Father ( R"Peter" Jones) and Uncle (" Noel" Jones) who all worked there until retirement.
Thank you once again.

Pamela Jones
Ysbyty Gwynedd
Clwyd Wynne
22 May 2006 00:00:00
I would like to thank all those who came to the book launch last Saturday. It was a success and was very enjoyable. Dafydd is posting some new pictures on this site. Please contact us if you have any requests or stories about your time at the hospital which may go into the next book.
Karen mills
21 May 2006 00:00:00
Thank you for the book launch yesterday.. I was unable to make it but my sister & dad came up to get my book & dvd.. Can't wait to have an hour to myself to read the book.. If there is any exhibitions coming up please let me know...
Keith L. Warburton
29 March 2006 00:00:00
A very good site and many photographs of so many people I knew and worked with. It was sad to read of Penri's demise. He was surely one of natures gentlemen. Do I assume that the reprint of Clwyd's book ( I have two copies) will have additional photographs. I have pics of earlier times (50's-70's) I could send but they would have to be returned via Arnold Ainslie, That's all for now, yours etc. Keith Warburton (Supplies and Stores 1957-1975. Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada.
29 March 2006 00:00:00
Being an ex Denbighite born and bred and also an ex member of staff at the hospital after 18years of service in the works deptmartment as a painter & decorater,it shocks me to see the photos of the old place,all staff had good pride in the place and it was like one big happy family.Im glad a website such as this has been made so that ex staff can give their points of veiw and also that the youngsters of Denbigh and surounding ares can read about the history of the place as it has many happy memories for myself so many other people who worked there and moved away from Denbigh.
25 March 2006 00:00:00
Saw a programme on the hospital on TV this week.
I have to say it has tremendous potential from a photographers point of view with its decayed buildings and lovely arches on the inside combined with the broken windows to give it a great look as a background setting for many pics i do.
Im always looking for different places and ideas and i do like the look of this place.
But at the same time being quite local to Denbigh myself i do feel a sense of sadness that such a once beautiful building has been allowed to go into such a bad state of repair
Clwyd Wynne
23 March 2006 00:00:00
If you want to see more photographs, our book is being reprinted and will be available for sale in about 6 - 8 weeks. If you want to buy one please let us know.
20 March 2006 00:00:00
Hello, recently i have become very intrested in this mental hospital and i have been reading up on it, does anyone know where i can maybe find blue prints and more pictures?
Dafydd Lloyd Jones
16 March 2006 00:00:00
We have just received an enquiry from a person in Deeside asking if the hospital was haunted - I remember people talking about the 'Grey Lady' who was often 'seen' in the vicinity of the Hospital Church. Can any of the staff recall the origin of this tale or any other strange phenomena.
Russell Edwards
13 March 2006 00:00:00
After leaving school in 1981, my first job was in the kitchens working with the legendery John Wynn, Clinton Hughes, Cliff Roberts, Bryn Roberts (killer), Mike Ridder and Roger Smith, the late Johnny Mallon was in charge. Happy days, great website
Nigel Roberts
05 March 2006 00:00:00
Congratulations on the 'birth' of the website. I hope it goes from strength to strength. I worked as a CPN (in Gwynedd) from 1984-90, and have fond recollections of my many trips to 'The Mental'...It was a long trip from Pwllheli to Denbigh for a ward round in winter !! I have a copy of the video and Clwyd's book, and would be interested in any future publications/ events planned. I'm sorry I missed the exhibition.
There are a few sites now reflecting the history of 'asylyms'....unfortunately much historical information has been lost in some places, quite often dumped in contractors skips.
Given the impact of NWH on the town and surrounding areas for many years, I think it is essential that every effort is made to retain a local permanent museum, good luck with that one Clwyd.
Llongyfarchiadau unwaith eto
carwen davies
12 February 2006 00:00:00
my uncle trevor ogwen jones and auntie edith jones both worked at the hospital,both originally from uncle lives in denbigh and it was nice to see pictures of the hospital where they worked and had so many happy memories.
Sandy Bryant
19 January 2006 00:00:00
What a joy to visit this site. my mother and two sisters both worked there. Anna Lloyd Annegret and Helga I shall forward on this web site I'm sure they will enjoy it themselves.
Melvin Raveling
01 December 2005 00:00:00
I am attempting to locate a nurse who lived in Wrexham but, I believe, worked at the NWH in 1944/1945 time frame. Her name is Malin Pleavin. Is there a resource you could provide that might help me locate her or her decendants? Thank you very much.

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