Christmas Programme

From the opening of the hospital an effort was always made to make Christmas a special time. Extra food was provided and entertainment was organised.





This is the programme for an event held on Boxing Day 1887 which was part of the Christmas entertainment for patients.


The programme consists of dances which were popular at the time and songs performed by Attendants (Nurses), Mr Roscoe a clerk and the Medical Superintendent Dr Llewelyn Cox.


The notes on the side are details of attendance and what was to be provided.

The following is my interpretation of the programme and notes.












                                                            1         Country Dance

                                                            2          Polka

                                                            3.         Quadrille

                                                            4.         Valse

                                                            5.                  Song “Oh say not a word to my Laddy      Att. Cath. Jones

6.                  Lancers

7.                 Valse

8.                   Polka

9                   Quadrille

10.              Song with violin accompaniment “Fiddle and I” Dr Harold Cox

11.              Schottische

12.              Song  “Far Away”    Att. Kate Boulton

13.              Song   “John Peel”    Dr Cox

14.              March

15.              Lancers

16.              Highland Scottische

17.              Song Comic  “The young man over the way”  Att. C M Humphreys

18.               Valse

19.               Song “I would not be an Emperor”      Mr Roscoe

20.              Sir Roger de Coverley



God save the Queen


Under Time they indicate which events would take place between 7to8pm,  8to9pm and 9to10pm

The notes on the side say :-


Remarks – patients present at Dance – Males 80 females 97 Total 177

Atts. (Attendants)  Friends one each

Xmas dinner – Roast Beef – Plum pudding – half pint beer each

One slice of bunloaf to each patient at dance


Programme of dances and songs 17 events sufficient to adapt to the 3 hours 7 to 10


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