Patients Annual Ball

The first Annual Ball was held in 1852. The Medical Superintendent Dr George Turner Jones gave the following report of the occasion


'On the evening of the 5th instant-the great event of the season, so long talked of, and anticipated with much delight - "the Ball", as it is called, took place. We question whether any assembly in the Principality could boast of more happy faces. About 90 patients, and the attendants, assembled in the gallery on the female side of the house, and which they had tastefully decorated with evergreens. The dancing was kept up with great spirit for some hours. Several songs and glees were sung by the patients and attendants. The frugal supper was then served, and all retired, heartily delighted with their evening's amusement. Not a word or a gesture which could offend the most fastidious beholder, escaped during this happy reunion. All was joy and delight, and even rooted delusions appeared to vanish for the time.' A Fiddler was hired for the event for 5/-.
As time went on they became ever more lavish affairs and the ? "great and the good" of the area and their families were invited to join in.
This annual event continued to be held well into the 1970's and was a great social and community event in which staff from all departments joined in to help make it a really special occasion for the patients.


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