Where is the Clock

In 1842 Joseph Ablett donated 20 acres of land called Cae Cockshott, which was at the time worth £2000, for the purpose of building an Asylum for the insane poor of North Wales . He was involved in the negotiations and planning of the asylum but unfortunately died shortly before it was completed in 1848. However, his wife continued to be associated with the asylum and in 1849 donated £30 to set up the Ablett Testimonial Fund in her husband’s memory for the temporary relief of patients discharged from the asylum. During subsequent years she continued to donate money to the fund and by 1853 she had donated a total of £230. The fund continued to receive donations over the years and following the sale of the Ablett Trust land recently there is still a substantial amount of money available which is being used today to help people with mental health problems across North Wales .

  In the Annual report of 1853 the chairman reported " the House Committee have again the pleasure of thankfully noting to the board a further munificent benefaction by Mrs Ablett, of a clock to be placed in the clock tower – thus evincing her desire to complete the building in a manner worthy of its founder, and still to connect her name with his in these acts of beneficence towards this Institution." The clock was fitted into the clock tower during 1854 and continued to display the time to staff, patients and passers by until the hospital’s closure in 1995 but WHERE IS IT NOW?

Sadly the clock was removed a few years ago without permission and nobody apart from the person/people who ‘stole’ it knows its whereabouts although there is a rumour that it has found its way to the front of a mansion house somewhere in Cheshire . If anyone has any information about the clock it would be much appreciated if they could tell us and/or the police so that it can be restored to its rightful position in the clock tower of the hospital. 


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