Photo Gallery



NVQ Presentation 1982


Children's Christmas Party

Stores Depatrtment
From L to R:- Keith Warburton, Margaret Williams, Ruth Ress, Jane Andrew, Fred Butler and Paddy Montgomery

Student Nurses

Prizegiving 1960

Sam Green

Stores lads


Nurses Prizegiving


Group taken in the Plough, Denbigh (late 60's)

Cadet Nurses during Carnival day
General Nurse Training at the Royal Alex
Maldwyn Evans, Roger Hadwin, Muriel Heritage (Sister Tutor RAH), Alan Roberts (RAH Student), Keith Royles, Ron Davies.

Roger Bartley and Mike Ridder at the start of their career

Could the two men be Enie Bartley and Claude Davies?

Nurses Prizegiving



North Wales Hospital Football Club