Infamous Characters - Clwyd Wynne

R.O. was a 'cariad' of a man. He had been a patient in the hospital since his discharge from the army shortly after the 1st world war where he was a radio operator. Everyone who came across him could not but like him although his communication skills were limited. He had bouts when he was extremely hyperactive and noisy singing "Black Dando" for days on end until he lost his voice and his favourite saying was "Away you silly duffer!" whenever anyone tried to stop him doing things he shouldn't like going into other patients' lockers to look for sweets. The stories about his escapades are legend. Has anyone got any other stories about this lovable character who lived almost to his 90's and had sadly been in hospital for about 60-70 years when he died.

Patients who gave themselves the names Marquis of Normandy and Connah’s Quay Kid, Billy the Kid, and of course Sir Ivor.
Gipsy, Wiggy, Monty, Papur Punt

Who said?
"I’d have given you a dollar if you hadn’t said that"

"Twch gyn y Twrc"

"God I’m bored, I think it’s these brown shoes."

"They’re poisoning me!"

"East Ham, West Ham, Boiled Ham"

"Ew wyt ti'n fawr"

"D'you know me, you seem to know me!!"

"I'm fit! You're not fit!"

"Away you silly duffer!"


Who sang?

"I'll walk beside you"

"She died, she did, she died of a broken rib,she did"

"Black Dando"


Are there any other characters that you particularly remember? Have you got any stories or anecdotes about any of these or other characters.


And what about staff?

Twm Tash
Dai Betcha

Dick Trombone
Nugenie the magician
Tom Ginger
Bob the Block
Willie Jingles
Dick Ha Ha
Bill the Porter
Cotton Wool
Davy Crocket

And of course there were many who were identified by where they came from originally such as Wil Corwen
Dei Blaenau
Dai Llanelwy
Dai Gwernymynydd
Wil Amlwch
Bob Ffestiniog
Jack Ruthin
Eric Llansannan
Dei Abergele
Dei Bodfari  




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