John Harvey - Peter Wilson

John Harvey
It was great to see a photograph of John Harvey on the web site.  Having worked with John and with living in the same village, I have many memories  of him.  One incident in particular I can recall, is when we had very thick snow in the 1960s and the buses were not running.  There was four of us from Llandyrnog who had all finished work the same time, and we decided to walk home through the snow.  With me was Dai Bryn, Andy Halligan, and John Harvey.  We had quite a struggle, but of course with Dai Bryn and myself being somewhat taller than average, we had no problem, and Andy was able to follow in our footsteps, but John Harvey being on the short side really had a job to keep up with us.  He was most relieved when two milk lorries from the Creamery in Llandyrnog pulled up and offered us a lift! 
He was also a very skilful footballer, and played on the left wing for the village's Summer League team.
Finally, I remember that he had a small Raleigh moped that he used to go to work on when a Student, and someone with a sense of humour put a sticker on it - (it was at the time when Esso were urging people to "Put a Tiger in your tank".) The sticker on Harvey's little machine read 'I've got a mouse in my tank'  I remember 'Wil Rhosgadfan' being very amused at that!
John Harvey was a real character, and was greatly missed when he died at such a young age.
Peter Wilson

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